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Denver Travel Guide

Denver Travel Guide

Denver is a place full of unforgettable food, beautiful artwork, and mind-blowing sights. 🏔 It is definitely a place I will be returning to and not just because I have a free place to stay 😉

5 Packing Tips for a Wedding in a Different Country

As you know from previous posts, this upcoming weekend, I will be headed to Bermuda for my cousins wedding. This is exciting, as I get a long weekend full of relaxation, travel and family. I do wish I’d be getting to see all my cousins 

Packing Tips {Going to my Sorority Leadership Conference}

So this weekend, I will be traveling from Hartford to Washington, D.C. for a leadership conference for my sorority. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I get to meet people that I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity to do and I get to participate in 

Monday Motivation {21}

Happy Monday Beautiful!  I have travel on the brain with this cold weather and some hard decisions. I’ve been thinking a lot about my future and where I want it to take me and one place I’ve always had issues with is home. Everyone loves 

Motivation Monday {20}

Happy Monday! I hope you all find a little time for yourself today and get your work all done with no stress! Today’s inspo is inspired by upcoming trip to Cancun! Working my butt off to afford it because travel is really worth the cost 

My Travel Struggle

Hope everyone is finding this article with a week full of at least half the struggles that I have had this past five days. So I left to go to Disney World on Saturday and spent a warm day with a family friend and the 

Spring Break Recap: San Pedro, Belize

I was just in the beautiful San Pedro, Belize for my Spring Break! It was a nice ten days that were well needed.

5 Tips for Packing: Tropics Edition

Happy Thursday! For me Happy Spring Break! Today I am sharing a few tips (5 to be exact) on packing for a plane ride to the tropics! Tomorrow morning at 3 am, I will be at the airport on my way to the beautiful San 

Travel Tips: Buses

Hello Everyone! So, as some of you know, I was just in New York to celebrate the New Year with my boyfriend! In order to get to and fro, I had to take the lovely form of transportation called “the Bus”! While traveling can be