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7 Ways to Make Someone Else’s Day

7 Ways to Make Someone Else’s Day

It doesn’t take a lot to make someone’s day a little better, so take the extra minute to bring joy to someone else around you.

Always Sunkissed Guide to Healthy & Glowing Summer Skin

Always Sunkissed Guide to Healthy & Glowing Summer Skin

Summer skin is must! Always Sunkissed has your guide to Healthy & Glowing Summer Skin

10 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence

We all could use some killer self-confidence now-a-days, I sure know I can. I personally think that confidence is the key to everything. I mean, how can anyone else believe in you, if you can’t believe in yourself, right?  So here are a few ways 

Monday Motivation {15}

Happy Monday once again! I know that this summer is flying by as its already the first day of August! I want you all to know that I have been trying to think of some new material for the blog to get you all intrigued 

Spring Break Recap: San Pedro, Belize

I was just in the beautiful San Pedro, Belize for my Spring Break! It was a nice ten days that were well needed.

Motivation Monday #2

You know it is true, you are only as tough as you choose to be. Personally, I think you are as tough as they come though, darling.

How to Prepare for a New Semester

It’s that time of the break, about to head back to your Spring Semester at school! Make sure you are ready!

Travel Tips: Buses

Hello Everyone! So, as some of you know, I was just in New York to celebrate the New Year with my boyfriend! In order to get to and fro, I had to take the lovely form of transportation called “the Bus”! While traveling can be 

20 of my Favorite Things about Christmas Time

  I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season. We are what, two days away? Any who, here is a list of twenty reasons why I love the Christmas time of year!

Herb Chicken with Squash, Zucchini Rice Topped with a Parsley Lime Sauce

Here is my first recipe for you all! Last night, I made dinner for my dad and I and this is what I created. It is a pan-seared seasoned chicken on top of a pile of white rice that was mixed with seared zucchini, squash