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Healthy Corn & Cherry Tomato Salad

I tried this recipe after my best friends mom showed it to me! Her recipe was just corn, but I added my own twist to it to give it extra nutrients and more flavor! I love learning new recipes from friends and family. New recipes 

How to Make the Most Out of Your Online Summer Internship

Sometimes during the summer, it is hard to get away from home or even find an internship close to home, so that is why there is such a thing as online internships. I myself, have received one from College Fashionista as one of their #StyleGuru’s 

Summer 2016 Bucket List: July Update

  Go to a real farmers market Buy flowers for my room Go to the beach once a week! Go to a baseball game (preferably Red Sox) Save over half my “paycheck”, every paycheck Try Surfing Paddleboarding? Kayaking Get a great tan Organize my room 

My Top Three Hair Care Products

Hello, hello! It’s been a little bit since I did a beauty post so I thought I’d work on another one to share some of my secrets (and failures) that I come across in my beauty routine and well, life. Now, I understand that everyone 

10 Productive Things to do this Summer

1. Save some money I hope most you have found your summer jobs and are getting into the swing of things, I know I sure have! Now, with all this work (part-time or full-time), I hope you all understand the concept of saving money! With 

June Spotify Playlist

Summer is just starting, all my friends are returning from college and I’m starting to get into the swing of things at work and my internship. So with that being said, I know we all want (need) a kick a$$ summer, but a kick a$$