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5 Lessons That Summer 2018 Taught Me

5 Lessons That Summer 2018 Taught Me

HAPPY FIRST WEEK OF FALL! I learned a lot this summer and can’t wait to be sharing all these new changes I’m experiencing with you this fall!

Motivation Monday {20}

Happy Monday! I hope you all find a little time for yourself today and get your work all done with no stress! Today’s inspo is inspired by upcoming trip to Cancun! Working my butt off to afford it because travel is really worth the cost 

Monday Motivation {19} 6 Inspiring Quotes to get you Through the Week

Happy Monday everyone! I bet everyone is struggling a little bit today, I know I am. This past weekend was my homecoming and it was a blast (to say the least). I also had a job orientation yesterday, bright and early! Anyway here is some 

Monday Motivation {18}

Happy Monday! Today has not been a bad Monday for me. I’ve had a caprese panini with avocado (BYOA) and lots of coffee. I am attempting to accomplish my to-do list, as much as possible. It definitely helps that I don’t have two of my 

Motivation Monday {14}

Happy Monday, once again! I have spent my day off at the beach with my cousin, listening to some country music on Spotify and reading through some CollegeFashionista posts! I hope everyone else has had a wonderful Monday, just like myself. Anyway, here is your 

Monday Motivation {13}

Happy Monday All! I have spent my day trying to be an adult, as I finally have the day off! I went out to lunch with Aunt and am currently working on my internship at my favorite coffee shop (@ACKcoffee). But overall, my foggy, island 

Motivation Monday #10

Happy Monday All! I hope everyone’s is going well especially with school winding down and summer starting to become lively. So, here is your quote of the week because with summer coming, we all need to really go with he wind.  Let life give it 

Motivation Monday #9

Hello All! Happy Monday, or not so happy Monday, you’re choice. I know I’ve been having a rough time and I bet I am not the only one. But I just found this beautiful quote and thought it really worked for me today and I 

Motivation Monday #7

Beginnings aren’t ever a bad thing, they give room for hope, change and a brand new story. Sometimes you hate what you are doing or you find you need change, this is when you just know it is time to try something new, such as 

Motivation Monday #6

I hope everyone’s Monday is cheery and bright!