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What You Should Never Leave Your Internship Without…

What You Should Never Leave Your Internship Without…

Today is the last day of my internship at Odonnell Company and it is both a bittersweet day. I have spent my whole summer here and I loved everyone I came across in this experience and I have learned enough information to convince me that […]

Why Working 3 Jobs Was One of The Best Decisions I Made {For Now}

So as of right now, I am working three jobs and occasionally helping my aunt with catering. I work 24 hours a week at my internship, Monday through Wednesday, 9 to 5. This is both rewarding and annoying. I then have my job at American […]

Carry Coffee in One Hand and Confidence in the Other {The Start of a New Chapter}

I am about to jump into my second week at my internship at Odonnell Company and wow is it a whole new adventure. I’ve never had an office job before, honestly, before this year I’ve never even had a job that wasn’t seasonal (for the summer). […]

Why I Love Being A Part of CollegeFashionista

If you follow me on any form of social media, you will notice that I am a intern for CollegeFashionista. I have been an intern for them for about five semesters and I am hoping to continue my journey with them until I graduate from […]

How to Make the Most Out of Your Online Summer Internship

Sometimes during the summer, it is hard to get away from home or even find an internship close to home, so that is why there is such a thing as online internships. I myself, have received one from College Fashionista as one of their #StyleGuru’s […]

10 Productive Things to do this Summer

1. Save some money I hope most you have found your summer jobs and are getting into the swing of things, I know I sure have! Now, with all this work (part-time or full-time), I hope you all understand the concept of saving money! With […]