Monday Motivation {23}

Happy Monday! Here is a little reminder that every day is special. Everyday is what you make of it, you can be angry or happy, you can hold a grudge or let go, you can smile or you can cry, you could run a mile 

Monday Motivation {21}

Happy Monday Beautiful!  I have travel on the brain with this cold weather and some hard decisions. I’ve been thinking a lot about my future and where I want it to take me and one place I’ve always had issues with is home. Everyone loves 

Monday Motivation {19} 6 Inspiring Quotes to get you Through the Week

Happy Monday everyone! I bet everyone is struggling a little bit today, I know I am. This past weekend was my homecoming and it was a blast (to say the least). I also had a job orientation yesterday, bright and early! Anyway here is some 

Monday Motivation {17}

Happy Monday Everyone! I’ve had another amazing weekend (it was only slightly a struggle). I have had some fun times with sisters and friends alike. I went on two Mac N’ Out dates and attend the Phi Sig Inferno! My only struggle is that I 

Monday Motivation {16}

Happy Monday! I hope everyone’s Monday’s are going a little better than mine! Just a quick reminder… Don’t let the bad effect the good of today. It may be Monday, but that doesn’t automatically make it bad! 

Monday Motivation {15}

Happy Monday once again! I know that this summer is flying by as its already the first day of August! I want you all to know that I have been trying to think of some new material for the blog to get you all intrigued 

Motivation Monday {14}

Happy Monday, once again! I have spent my day off at the beach with my cousin, listening to some country music on Spotify and reading through some CollegeFashionista posts! I hope everyone else has had a wonderful Monday, just like myself. Anyway, here is your 

Motivation Monday #8

Happy Monday, once again! I hope this gem can really help you get through your Monday! But look on the bright side, it’s beginning to look a lot like summer.    

Motivation Monday #7

Beginnings aren’t ever a bad thing, they give room for hope, change and a brand new story. Sometimes you hate what you are doing or you find you need change, this is when you just know it is time to try something new, such as 

Monday Motivation #5

Never be afraid to tell your story! You are every word you say and every action you are and everyone has the right to their story, especially you!