Denver Travel Guide

Denver Travel Guide

Denver is a place full of unforgettable food, beautiful artwork, and mind-blowing sights. 🏔 It is definitely a place I will be returning to and not just because I have a free place to stay 😉

6 Outside the Box Beach Snacks

6 Outside the Box Beach Snacks

Beach snacks are a must, but not everyone wants chips and sandwiches. Spice things up while pleasing the whole crowd with these yummy beach snack ideas!

5 Packing Tips for a Wedding in a Different Country

As you know from previous posts, this upcoming weekend, I will be headed to Bermuda for my cousins wedding. This is exciting, as I get a long weekend full of relaxation, travel and family. I do wish I’d be getting to see all my cousins 

The Beach Bag Summer Essentials

Wow! It’s officially summer! I’m celebrating by taking a weekend trip to my favorite island. You guessed it, Nantucket. I can spend my days lounging on a beach, maybe getting a tan, etc, etc. So, I’ve decided to compile a list of beach bag essentials, 

Packing Tips {Going to my Sorority Leadership Conference}

So this weekend, I will be traveling from Hartford to Washington, D.C. for a leadership conference for my sorority. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I get to meet people that I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity to do and I get to participate in 

My Travel Struggle

Hope everyone is finding this article with a week full of at least half the struggles that I have had this past five days. So I left to go to Disney World on Saturday and spent a warm day with a family friend and the 

Working A Winery

Hello, Hello! This weekend I spent in Mystic, CT, working at a wine festival. Over at Stonington Vineyards, they had their yearly wine festival featuring wine tastings, live music and of course, you can purchase their wines! I spent the weekend working the tasting tent 

5 Tips for Packing: Tropics Edition

Happy Thursday! For me Happy Spring Break! Today I am sharing a few tips (5 to be exact) on packing for a plane ride to the tropics! Tomorrow morning at 3 am, I will be at the airport on my way to the beautiful San 

Donut Crazy: A Review

So over the weekend, I took the drive out to Donut Crazy to try their, well, Crazy Donuts! And let me say, they were crazy! The flavors went from a plain powdered donut all the way to a cannoli and cheesecake donut. Now, my favorite,