Monday Motivation {13}

Happy Monday All! I have spent my day trying to be an adult, as I finally have the day off! I went out to lunch with Aunt and am currently working on my internship at my favorite coffee shop (@ACKcoffee). But overall, my foggy, island 

Summer 2016 Bucket List: July Update

  Go to a real farmers market Buy flowers for my room Go to the beach once a week! Go to a baseball game (preferably Red Sox) Save over half my “paycheck”, every paycheck Try Surfing Paddleboarding? Kayaking Get a great tan Organize my room 

Motivation Monday #12

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve had a busy week, so I’d like to apologize on my inconsistent posting! I’m hoping to get back in the swing, but summer is super crazy and with working a full time job and spending my off days at the beach 

Motivation Monday #11

May all of your Monday’s are full of love, sunshine and reassurance! May they understand who you really are and love every part of it! May you not let anyone take you for granted! Happy Monday! 💜

Motivation Monday #10

Happy Monday All! I hope everyone’s is going well especially with school winding down and summer starting to become lively. So, here is your quote of the week because with summer coming, we all need to really go with he wind.  Let life give it 

Motivation Monday #9

Hello All! Happy Monday, or not so happy Monday, you’re choice. I know I’ve been having a rough time and I bet I am not the only one. But I just found this beautiful quote and thought it really worked for me today and I 

Summer 2016 Bucket List

  Since the first day of Summer is less than a month away, I hope you all have your goals and dreams set forth for the summer, as I know most of us do! I hope you all find my summer bucket list to look 

Motivation Monday #6

I hope everyone’s Monday is cheery and bright!

20 of my Favorite Things about Christmas Time

  I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season. We are what, two days away? Any who, here is a list of twenty reasons why I love the Christmas time of year!

A list of 50 Holiday Songs

Hope everyone is making it into the Holiday Season without too much stress, whether it be from shopping or finals. I thought everyone could use a little Christmas Spirit so here is a list of some top Christmas songs for everyone to enjoy!