Always Sunkissed Guide to Healthy & Glowing Summer Skin

Always Sunkissed Guide to Healthy & Glowing Summer Skin

Summer skin is must! Always Sunkissed has your guide to Healthy & Glowing Summer Skin

5 Fall Items I Can’t Live Without

5 Fall Items I Can’t Live Without

Happy Fall, November is in full swing and it’s definitely starting to feel that way over her in New England! I hope you all are staying warm and maybe even cozy next to a fire? Maybe.. no? yes? I currently am and it is everything 

Taking Care of your Hair and Skin in the Winter

So today was the first day it really felt like Fall, maybe even Winter. It was just really cold, but not really miserable. The only part that made it a little miserable, is that I wasn’t  prepared for it. I wasn’t prepared, I don’t have riding 

Simplistic Summer – The Perfect Outfit

Summer is the perfect time to be simple, yet elegant. It doesn’t take a lot to make a great outfit. Pick the right color scheme, add the right accessories and bam you’re all set. I think having simple pieces in your closet will help you 

4 Fashion Items I’m Loving This Summer

Happy Sunday Everyone! I’m going to start by saying that I’ve been super busy and was in Bermuda I had very little internet, so I’m sorry for the lack of posting! If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you would know be a little 

5 Packing Tips for a Wedding in a Different Country

As you know from previous posts, this upcoming weekend, I will be headed to Bermuda for my cousins wedding. This is exciting, as I get a long weekend full of relaxation, travel and family. I do wish I’d be getting to see all my cousins 

Summer Beauty Tips

Summer is upon us, which for me means that my beauty routines are changing. I know personally I stop wearing as much makeup, I have to wash my face a little better and moisturizing is key. SPF is more important than ever and what I 

I’ve Been Washing My Hair All Wrong And That’s About To Change…

So I use to just do the basic stuff to my hair, no matter the weather, season, etc. The most I added was if I blow dried my hair or straightened it. Safe to say, my hair hated me. I then added the Garner Fructis 

Why I Love Being A Part of CollegeFashionista

If you follow me on any form of social media, you will notice that I am a intern for CollegeFashionista. I have been an intern for them for about five semesters and I am hoping to continue my journey with them until I graduate from 

Summer Palms, the Perfect Accessory

As you can tell, if you have seen my blog page recently, I love palms. They remind me of warmth and happiness. I think of summer (even though there aren’t any palm trees on Nantucket). I think the rest of the world is starting to