10 Snacks to Always Keep Stocked in your Dorm

There are always those few things you have to keep in your dorm, whether you are a healthy eater or a junk food eater.

10 Items to Carry in your Backpack

There are always a few staples that you should always carry around. Some of these staples are always required for carrying around to class and some for just carrying around in general. I hope this list is helpful!

How to Prepare for a New Semester

It’s that time of the break, about to head back to your Spring Semester at school! Make sure you are ready!

50 Ways to get in the Christmas Spirit in College

Who doesn’t love Christmas?!? Although, it’s kind of hard to get in the spirit when you are stuck at college with hopes of just getting home for the holidays. So, I have compiled a list of FIFTY WAYS to get in the Christmas Spirit!

College Class Checklist

College Class Checklist

With classes starting again soon, I decided to tell you all what I found most necessary to bring with me to every class. I will also be including a little portion for those Graphic Design majors out there, just like me! So here are the…