About Me…

Q. What city do you live in?

A. I currently live in Nantucket, MA, but I am currently looking at heading somewhere else this Fall.

Q. What are your favorite places in Nantucket?

A. I love the Handlebar for ice coffee and friendly faces! I work at Slip 14 and have forever, so I always recommend that to people as the food and the people are just plain incredible there! For beaches my favorite is Fisherman’s and Fat Ladys beach (plus a hidden one I found the other day)! You also can’t forget to head to the brewery for some yummy cocktails or brews, live music and always a good time, plus there are always furry friends!

Q. What did you study in college?

A. I just graduated with a dual degree in Marketing and Business Management and a minor certificate in Graphic Design.

Q. What are your plans for the fall?

A. My plans are to get a job in hopefully Boston right now! I am looking for jobs in NYC, Boston, Rhode Island and Connecticut though! But I feel that Boston would be such a great next adventure for me! 

Q. What do you do now?

A. I currently waitress as a way to make some extra money for moving and to pay off my loans this year 🙈 I use to work at a marketing firm and I am excited to get back to the groove in something similar! I also have an internship with Nantucket blACKbook which is pretty cool as it keeps me busy and gives me the opportunity to always be learning.

Q. When you aren’t blogging, what are you doing?

A. Drinking coffee, cooking, reading or writing usually at the beach or having a glass of wine with friends (potentially at the brewery)

Q. What is your go-to coffee order?

A. Iced red eye with almond milk and a raw sugar packet or a one pump vanilla latte, one or two extra shots depending on the day and almond milk. I am also one of those people who change up my coffee temp by the weather!


About Business…

Q. What is your favorite planner?

A. I absolutely love my Passion Planner, but it totally depends on what you are doing in your life and your level or organization. I wrote a post about the Passion Planner and will be working on another one soon with everything I used this past year. I also wrote a post about the Happy Planner which I also love. They are similar planners but completely different all at the same time.

Q. Why did you start blogging? 

A. I was looking for an outlet. I love to help people and I felt like I had so much to give and say, so this was my way to get what I needed to out into the world. It makes a great hobby!

Q. What blogging platform do you use?

A. I use wordpress.com as my current platform. I may be switching it up to something else, but I am not sure exactly what is happening yet. That might be a part of my winter plans!

Q. Why is your blog called Always Sunkissed, what is the story behind it?

A. I find sun-kissed to be a state of mind. It is the fact that you can create your own ray of sunshine out of any grey day (or situation). I know that you can’t be always anything, but the goal is to strive to have that sun-kissed state of mind at any point throughout your day, no matter where you are, aka not just at the beach.  

Q. How do you manage to stay organized between everything you did in college and all the different jobs and blogging?

A. So, my last semester of college, I took 7 classes, was the President of two clubs, in my sorority, worked 30 hours at Starbucks and about 12-30 hours at my Marketing Firm. I found using both Google Calendar (personal and with the other marketing agents) and my personal planner was very helpful! Color coding was also helpful to see what I had to do when. For blogging, setting goals was key. Once I write something down, it is so much easier to get it going. Check out my post about doing a whole lot, here!