Hello & Welcome to Always Sunkissed

I’m Marina, a twenty-something coffee, wine & marketing obsessed blogger. I originally created Always Sunkissed as a way to get writing and spread some positivity. This blog has spread to help my readers and myself find their Always Sunkissed state of mind in both college and career. 

What is the Always Sunkissed state of mind?

Think about your perfect day. Mine would be where I am sitting at the beach, listening to the waves crash on the shore. It’s a sunny Summer day with a light breeze to keep the bugs at bay. I’m with my best friend, or my family or even alone with a book. I have an ice coffee, a glass of rose, or even a Corona with a lime. There is light music playing in the background, let’s say some Tom Petty or Halsey. I am stress free and content. Maybe I’m writing ideas in my journal as they come, but overall, I have nothing I have to be doing, just what I want to be doing.

That is my Always Sunkissed state of mind.

My blog is meant to help you obtain that Always Sunkissed state of mind when you can’t have your perfect day every day. I want the feeling of the beach when I am sitting in my office chair. I want that stress-free sunshine when I’m prepping for a new semester. Welcome to Always Sunkissed.

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