Freebie: COVID-19 Instagram Marketing Guide

Freebie: COVID-19 Instagram Marketing Guide

Focusing on acceptance, adaptation, and recovery – by leading with intention, empathy, and leadership for small businesses.

You’re here because you’re not sure what you should be doing on Instagram right now for marketing your business. Should you be posting? If you are posting, how do you not appear tone deaf? How can you adapt your business on Instagram to better suit your demographics? Or maybe you don’t even know who your current demographic is because of this… Well, that is why I am here.

I’m here to help! With everyone’s emotions flying high right now, everything is changing every day, the uncertainty in people’s careers, finances, and businesses are high, clients wanting to halt their services or potential clients and shoppers backing out of their purchases – you’re looking for some guidance on how to navigate Instagram marketing during all this chaos.

The good news is that you don’t have to stop posting, selling, or showing up. In fact, it is more important than ever to show up. There is a high chance that is what your ideal clients need from you right now.

Everyone keeps saying if I try to market and sell, I will seem tone-death. But in all honesty, you should be marketing in some type of way right now. There are even hundreds of articles coming out every day showing you every reason you should be continuing to market. If you’d like to read some, just ask and I can send them your way!

That is why I created this guide on how to market your business in a COVID-19 world using Instagram and how to do it with with intention, empathy, and leadership. I want to step you through the understanding of acceptance, adaptation, and overall recovery.

In times like this, we need to move forward, not BACK to normal.

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