4 Things Successful People Do in the Last 15 Minutes of Their Work Day

4 Things Successful People Do in the Last 15 Minutes of Their Work Day

Don’t just stare at the clock. Plan ahead for tomorrow.

A productive day starts the night before. By spending the last 15 minutes of your day setting yourself up for success you are helping yourself to have less stress, disengage from work leading to a better home life and giving yourself a better chance for productivity.

Make your To-Do List For Tomorrow

This is my go-to task at the end of every day. I will say this again, I DO NOT leave the office (or my work brain) without making a to-do list for tomorrow. I started this at the Marketing Firm I worked at and continue to do this with all of my work. Anything you didn’t get to that day or whatever occurred that day is the perfect things to add to your list.

When you draft up your to-do list make sure you write down the top priority. One I think I do is keep a top priority or larger projects at the top half like finish the first draft of the social media policy or edit the newsletter that goes out tomorrow than on the bottom half I write in smaller and not as prioritized tasks like sending an email that isn’t time sensitive or research new ways to track member analytics.

Clean up your Digital Space

Cleaning up your digital space can mean many different things. I do two things before I leave the office; I check and organize my Google calendar and clean out my inbox.

Email checking is usually the first thing I check when I come in and the last thing I check before I leave. When I check it before I leave it allows me to ensure I am not missing any lines of communication, especially when emails are such an important part of the job. One thing that tends to happen is that emails get left unread until the end of the day. By cleaning out your inbox at the end of the day, you are guaranteed nothing important is being missed and it also feels great knowing your inbox has a big FAT ZERO messages in it.

Cleaning up your digital space also goes to your calendar. At the end of the day, I always check my calendar and organize it. I schedule things in weekly as reminders to do them so I make sure those are at good times for me and any meetings I have or need reminding of are scheduled.  I check my calendar before I leave to also know what I am getting myself into when I get ready in the morning.

P.S. Make sure you clean up your desktop because a messy desktop can slow down your computer and create less productivity.

Clean your Physical Space

Physical clutter creates mental clutter. Cleaning up and organizing your physical materials and space allows for you to come in the next day with a more productive and clear mindset. If I don’t have time every day, I make sure my coffee mug is in the sink and my papers are organized at least into a pile and not all over my desk. I also do a deep clean the day before our cleaners come.

Officially End Your Day

Don’t get caught in the cycle of taking your work home with you. Ending your day and leaving it at the office is the key to clearing your mind and letting go of work stress. This will also allow you to come in with a clearer mindset at the beginning of your day. You want to make sure that at the very end of the day, you disengage yourself from the workspace. Use this as a ritual to get your brain in line to not bring home drama and stress that comes from your job. This will help you do your job better in the long run.

One way to officially end your day is by setting an end time. This way you’re not pushing the clock and staying late every day, which is just as bad as bringing your work home with you, but you’re making sure you get as much done during the day as possible because you have to leave at a set time.

What is the last thing you do before you leave work?

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