7 Ways to Make Someone Else’s Day

7 Ways to Make Someone Else’s Day

You never know what someone else is going through, so treat all with kindness. It doesn’t take a lot to make someone’s day a little better, so take the extra minute to bring joy to another person. It doesn’t have to a friend or someone you even see every day, to know how to make their day, and it doesn’t take rocket science to bring a smile to someone in your life. Great things happen from small things brought together.

Text Someone a Nice Message

Going out of your way to send a nice message to someone can really make their day. Shoot a text to a friend and wish them a good day, tell them how much they mean to you, or just say something nice.

Call an Old Friend (or Family Member)

Calling someone is under-rated. People think that just by calling someone you have to be on the phone for a while and you need a purpose to call. Pick a friend or a family member and just call them. Tell them you just wanted to check in and say hello or ask them about their day. Give them a nice message and focus on them for a minute. If you don’t really like talking on the phone, ask to make plans with them and catch up over coffee or lunch.

How to make someone else's day a little bit better // Always Sunkissed

Buy Someone a Coffee

Next time you go and grab a coffee from your favorite coffee shop, stop and think of someone else. On your way to work? Grab your co-worker a cup too. Just hanging out in a coffee shop or grabbing and going? Treat the person behind you to a cup of coffee. Let the cashier/barista know and spend the extra couple dollars to make someone’s day a little better.

Say Good Morning to a Stranger

Next time your walking from your car to work or through the store, say good morning and smile to a stranger. I know, Mom always said “never talk to strangers”, but I think saying “Good Morning” won’t hurt. If anything, going out of your way to acknowledge someone can make their day a little better.

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Write a Handwritten Letter to Someone

Taking the extra time to write out a handwritten letter to someone really shows you are going the extra mile. Whether it be a long letter or a cute little note, never underestimate the power of hand-writing. Leave a nice note for a co-worker, a friend, family or maybe someone you see every day. Next time you leave a job or internship, write a note for all the people that helped you throughout your time there. Write a note for your client or employee who was an asset for you. Leave a letter for a professor that helped you out. The options are endless, but leaving a hand-written letter or note shows that you care.

Compliment the Person in Front of You

Giving someone a small compliment can make someone’s day. Telling the person in front of you in line that you like their shoes or their hair or telling a friend you like how outgoing or caring they are. Compliment random people or people you know. Making conversation is good for you and there is a good chance that you make someone’s day if you do it right.

Leave an Extra Tip

This may sound stressful because it involves money, but it really doesn’t take a lot. You don’t have to leave an extra tip everywhere you go, all the time, but you can do this every once in a while to make someone’s day better. At a restaurant, you can leave over a 20% tip instead of 18-20%. When you get your coffee, instead of leaving your change, leave a dollar or two. It doesn’t take a lot of money to make someone’s day.

How do you make someone else’s day?

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7 Ways to Make Someone Else's Day // Always Sunkissed

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