Hello, 2019!

Hello, 2019!

Happy first week of 2019!

I hope your year is so far full of love, respect, and excitement. Mine has been a little hectic so far, to say the least! I was traveling, trying to spend time with loved ones, trying to get in some R&R and adventures and planning for both work and the blog.

One thing that I do want to say about a new year, is that you don’t have to start fresh just because the year is starting. You have the right to try new things, change old habits and more any day of the year. Every month is a new chapter, and every day is a new page.

This year I chose 3 words, let the world give me 3 words through my angel cards and chose 1 word to get rid of this 2019 year. Here is one sentence about each word for what it means to me or what I think the world is trying to tell me.

Hello 2019 // always sunkissed

3 Words I Chose:

Harmony: Most people use the word balance, but to me, it means calculated and creating this perfect equation, while harmony means creating something beautiful by finding what works best together.

Clarity: Creating a clearer world, so that I can see things better to help myself grow by being able to recognize my feelings, faults, gratefulness, and happiness.

Joy: I want to start to incorporate more joy into every part of my life, not just to solely focus on being happy, but letting joy fill parts of my life and allowing sadness and other parts to exist alongside joy.

My Three Angel Cards:

Release: Letting go of things that do not bring joy or growth.

Courage: Having the courage to change the things I can and to take more risk in my life.

Honesty: Being more honest with myself and those around me.

A Word I am Dropping this year:

Should: Should indicates obligation or criticism. Removing it can help me to put more intention into my actions and words in saying I will do something and not dwell on should have or should do actions.  

What words are you adding or taking out of your life this year?

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