5 Newsletters I Read Each Week

5 Newsletters I Read Each Week

I honestly enjoy getting e-newsletters to my inbox daily and weekly, but I do think that there are way too many different newsletters that go out that don’t necessarily bring you substance or even joy when you open them. Newsletters, e-blasts, whatever you want to call them are supposed to bring some sort of substance to your life, whether it be news around the world, news in your hometown, inspiration and joy, or even articles that you will actually read and look forward to reading every time you receive them.

So, I have compiled a list of all the newsletters that I receive and actually open on a weekly basis. And I am open to more if you have any suggestions just leave the link in the comments!

5 newsletters worth subscribing to


theSkimm is the newsletter that I have been receiving and reading for the longest. Some weeks I open it more times than others, but overall will never unsubscribe! theSkimm takes the big headlines and makes them digestible all on your way to the office (or class). It is the original political, need-to-know what’s happening in the world newsletter. P.S. you get this one Monday through Friday!

Click here to subscribe to theSkimm!

Girls Night In

Girls Night In is a weekly Friday newsletter delivered to your inbox, full of self-care recommendations and smart reads, with over 100,000 women readers around the globe. This is a fun read, especially for those who are a homebody! As someone who does enjoy the occasional going out too, this newsletter still works because it gives you reads for the week, ideas to try and just has an all around fun and relaxing vibe to it!

Click here to subscribe in order to get it in your inbox this FRIDAY!

P.S. I subscribed to this newsletter a little over a month ago and I have opened and read almost every article of every single one. I wish they sent it out more than once a week.

The Morning Brew

This one is new to me, but so far I love it! It gives you a kick start to your day in a new and easy read. It is similar to theSkimm, but in a different voice if you aren’t a fan of that one or just looking for a different perspective and some different forms of news. I do get them both to my inbox though as they each usually cover different topics and I read them both!

Click here to subscribe to The Morning Brew!

The Good Trade

The reason I subscribed to The Good Trade was because they send daily positivity to your inbox, which if you know me, is something that I always need more of in my life. The Good Trade is everyday inspiration for the informed woman. A 30-second read of good things delivered to your inbox. Curated by and for woman. There saying is “May today’s inspirations leave you more informed and inspired about the good things that rise above the clutter”.

Click here to subscribe to The Good Trade!

The Betches Sup

The funny and relatable newsletter that just helps you get it. It has your horoscope, the fad diets, the politics, and the economy. ALL in a way that you might understand, “even if you slept through all of your GEN courses”. This was something that was fun to get through college and always found a way to make you laugh!

Click here to subscribe to The Betches Sup!

What newsletters do you get in your inbox?

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