The Ultimate Holiday Self Care Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Self Care Guide

With Thanksgiving in the books and my first big Holiday event at work a success, this means that the beginning of the Holiday season is officially in full swing! The holidays are a crazy time for me! I cook all the meals for my family (usually around ten people per meal) and have to shop and clean and plan and all that fun stuff. So, as you can imagine, me time and relaxation can really be pushed to the back burner sometimes.

Holidays are a time for friends and family, enjoying the ones who are there, the crazy ones and all, dealing with the drama that is bound to happen, and missing the ones who couldn’t be there.

The idea of “self-care” around the holidays can be very broad as it means something different to everyone. For some it means extra relaxation and others means dealing with the crazy! From food, to family, to mindfulness, and so much more! So, nonetheless, I have created the Ultimate Holiday Self Care Guide just for you! 

Dealing with family

I personally don’t have a whole lot to deal with when it comes to family. I do have a large family and some years, I see more than other years. Growing up, we use to spend the week after Christmas with my entire large family on my Dad’s side and that was a lot! There was lots of traveling, people, food and MORE! My family, overall, is pretty easy going and easy to deal with, but I understand that not everyone’s is. You need to remember that with self-care you can handle anything they throw at you. While taking time for yourself is important, what you do in that time is very important.

Holiday Self Care

Take time for others and take time for yourself

Holidays usually mean a lot of people. People visiting, or family dinners or even just spending time with those around you. Some people love being surrounded with people and others, not so much. I have my times where one seems better than the other, but I know how to enjoy both. Take time to sit with your loved ones and enjoy their presence. Talk about your family or your lives and just connect. Listen to someone and take mental notes, make a connection or continue to keep it. With all that being said, make sure you take some time for you. Whether it be an hour in your room, a hot bath, or a nice drive; alone time can really help to keep you from burning out. Relax and reflect to yourself to ensure you’ll be ready for all the fun family chaos.

Working out during the Holiday Season

Working out doesn’t just mean working off the food. Working out means practicing self care and love for your body and mental capacity. Some people put this to the back burner during this time of the year, but it actually is one of the top ways to practice self-care. Take the time to exercise, stretch and meditate. These will help you connect your brain to your body and keep you going throughout the whole season.

Don’t drop everything!

Dropping everything to please everyone is not healthy. Make sure you remember to set priorities but still know how to adjust to a situation. Focus on what you and your body needs and follow suit.

Holiday Self Care

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a huge part of surviving both the holidays and the average day life. Mindfulness to me means both being aware of the present in our lives and what we are doing while practicing preparation for the future. This means practicing not being overwhelmed or overly reactive by what’s going on around us. To most, mindfulness doesn’t always involved the future and just focusing on the present. But during the holidays season for both my blog and my job, I struggle with scheduling the future in order to be able to be in the present fully. I need to take time ahead to be mindful in my preparation in order to better my holiday season.

Food; the cleanse, the diet, the treats, and more!

Food is a touchy subject for a lot of people and one thing the holidays is guaranteed to come with is food! Whether you are going to eat the entire table ten folds, you have eating restrictions like vegan, gluten-free, etc, or you are watching what you eat, you still deserve to enjoy yourself and to not worry.

Self-care means both treating yourself and taking care of yourself. Know that you can eat some mashed potatoes and stuffing, but know you should fill up on the vegetables and turkey! Have yourself some pie because it’s the Holidays and it’s a treat, but you don’t have to eat the entire pie to yourself. I don’t believe in just cutting things out of your diet (unless allergies or beliefs of course), but I do believe that you can enjoy everything in small quantities. I know that if I eat a lot of sugar, I don’t feel well. I know that if I have a piece of pie, I do enjoy it and don’t have to eat a ton of it just to enjoy it.

If you are going the dieting route, I suggest just making smart decisions. Know what your favorite food is and adjust the rest so you can have more of that. Switch up your dark meat for white meat. Switch your stuffing for mashed potatoes. Load up your plate with vegetables and eat those first. Make a informed pick for dessert such as pumpkin pie over pecan.

Coffee + Wine

This is the perfect duo for any hectic holiday season! Always start your day with coffee and end your day with wine. These are the top two things that can get you through the days no matter the challenge! Keep them on hand.

To Booze, or not to Booze

Holidays for a lot of people means drinking. For some it means they want to drink and their family doesn’t or that they drink a lot to keep up with their family. If you are drinking I suggest staying hydrated to keep your body at a better state and make the next day better. Drink to enjoy and as always be safe!

Skin & Hair Self Care

Skin and hair care can sometimes seem to be lacking when you are worrying about other holiday excitements. When I think of self-care, this is the area that I tend to think of most. Stick to your routine, if anything boost it a little. I would make sure to wash your face, use face masks and just pay attention to what your skin is trying to tell you.

Music Choices

Sometimes what you are listening to can affect your mental health. That can be music, people, surroundings, television and more. Put on some acoustic or pump up songs that just put you in a good mood. Background music or taking some me time and putting on these positive tunes in the background can really help to soothe the mind. Try some Christmas tunes to put you I. The holiday spirit.

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