What’s In My Bag – New Job Edition

What’s In My Bag – New Job Edition

New jobs are the beginning of a new chapter; for some this is an exciting time and for others, this is a very stressful time. After graduating college, I found that finding a job was hard and having to work through many decisions, especially with the realization of my finances coming into play with student loans and rent coming up.

For some the decision of accepting a job because it pays you and finding your dream job can be a really hard struggle. I have recently accepted a job in my hometown as the Social Media & Member Communications Director at my local Chamber of Commerce. This was actually a really hard decision for me, that I kept very private. I have officially been there three weeks and am doing so much in every direction, but I am learning so much.

Fun fact: I have worked at 5 different businesses in the last year and I love it!

One of the scariest things about starting a new job, is not knowing exactly what you will be doing, what you will be doing, and how your situation will be set up. When I started, I didn’t know if I would be running around meeting businesses, sitting at a computer, if I would have a desk that week, or what I would be thrown into that week. My point is, due to that unknown, you should always be prepared and that starts with what you have in your purse.

Wallet/ Keys

This is an obvious. I can never leave without carrying my keys and my wallet full of coffee cash. “Never forget your wallet” might sound cliche, but in reality, you will never know what they might need from you, such as a copy of your driver’s license or information for direct deposit so make sure you don’t just have your “wallet”.


My planner is my life! I carry it wherever I go for the calendar, note space and reflective questions and quotes. Click to learn about my current planner and another fan favorite! I use my planner on a day-to-day basis to keep track of personal notes, work and content scheduling and MORE!

Office Products (pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, etc)

What office products you bring depends on your position and on what you prefer. If your job is a graphic designer, pencils may be a must, if you have a position like mine, I use pens and highlighters.

Reusable Water Bottle (travel mug / coffee)

Water is so important. I can not say this enough. I can just tell when I haven’t had enough water in a day, or even overall for the week. My body is extra tired and I can’t think straight. Most businesses have those water bubblers to refill your water bottle or cup, but they don’t always have the extra cups. So, be prepared and bring a reusable water bottle already full of water that you can refill as need be. 


Headphones are something you should always carry around, not just for a new job. You never know when you’ll need them, rather for focusing on a project, watching some Netflix on the go, or trying to block out the world. I think the right song can get you in the perfect mood, whether that is in your morning routine, your busy bee business mindset or your hearty workout for after work. It is always good to keep those in your bag and your car.

Ipad / Iphone

I use my I-pad on the daily at work! From creating Instagram stories on the larger screen, bringing into meetings for notes and slides, and to just listening to music or Netflix, I am never disappointed when it’s in my purse.


On the first day, always bring your laptop. Sometime the computer you will be using won’t be set up or you need information that you keep on your laptop. This has been a saving grace on many different occasions for me.

Hand Sanitizer / Lotion

Once again, you never quite know your situation until you get there. I hate the feeling of dirty or dry hands, so this is a must for both carrying around and keeping on your desk.

A Good Book

This is a good idea to have if you get a lunch break that you don’t know what to do with yourself, have some time in the morning if you arrive extra early instead of just early by accident, and even if you have to wait for a ride or commute after work. I think carrying around a good book is never a bad idea or waste of space. P.S. Check me out on Goodreads

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Spare Shoes

While I may not keep these in my purse exactly, I keep a spare pair of shoes in my car. I have always done that for if I am wearing booties or heels and don’t know if I will be running around and want flats. This also goes for if you’re wearing flats or sandals and want to switch to a pair of heels. A spare pair of shoes are never a bad idea.

Snacks / Lunch

Bring your lunch or at least some snacks! You don’t want your stomach growling during meetings or important conversations! You also are not guaranteed a long lunch break, especially the first day, so make sure you have packed something to snack on or a lunch for the day!

What do you always carry in your bag?

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