5 Lessons That Summer 2018 Taught Me

5 Lessons That Summer 2018 Taught Me

Summer is officially over (with September soon to follow) and autumn is setting in. HAPPY FIRST WEEK OF FALL! I’m dreaming off new fall bucket list items and dealing with deciding on what type of change I will be experiencing. Seasons are the perfect time for change, but change has never been easy for me. When it comes down to making the adjustment for me right now, it’s basically deciding what will be the most beneficial for me in the long run and my current situation.

This summer was a whirlwind for me, I feel like it could never end, yet it ended so abruptly. 2018 I feel will be doing the same, gone before we know it. It hasn’t been a bad year, it actually had a lot of great things, but it was a busy and full of a lot of mixed emotions. So, nonetheless here are five lessons that summer 2018 has taught me.

Lesson One – Always end things on a positive note

This summer, I found myself not enjoying my job and while it was making money and better than being unemployed it wasn’t great for my mental health. I decided that I needed to put in my two weeks and I wouldn’t be able to make it through the fall. Lucky for me, once September hit, we were only open on weekends. I told my boss the situation and I would make it through the last two weeks to get them through the busiest month. Ending things on a positive note is so important. They gave me a job to pay my bills and I’ve worked there for about seven seasons, but my time there was done.

TIP: This can include clients, memberships, relationships of any sorts. Do what is best for you, but make sure you never leave a sour taste in someones mouth with you leaving.


Lesson Two – Remember to take a step back

I spent the summer living in one of the most beautiful places, Nantucket Island. While it isn’t my ideal place in the world to live forever, it has a lot of “ups” that I tend to overlook. This summer, I had a hard time remembering to take a step back from everything going on and just enjoy where I was. Doing work outside, or being able to drive to the beach in minutes or being surrounded by great people, are all examples of things I overlook about where I am living right now.

TIP: Write weekly things you are thankful for or good things that happened that week. My Passion Planner has a spot for me to reflect each week (and monthly).

Lesson Three – Sometimes, you just need it

What do you need? Your body will usually let you know. Take the sick day, take that bubble bath, drink that glass of wine. When your body is telling you something, you should listen to It because sometimes, you just need it. This is both for self-care and for your body needing you. When your body is craving fish or beef, it usually means that it needs those vitamins provided. If you need rest, take the day and rest. Your body knows better than your brain sometimes, your mind can get fogged up by the responsibilities and surroundings, while your body is just speaking to you.

TIP: Scheduling out self-care days and rest days are always a plus, but make sure you leave room for adjustments and flexibility. Allow yourself for some fun and for some rest (and a little wine in between).


Lesson Four – Life is stressful and you can’t always do something about it, so embrace it.

Sometimes life is stressful and you can’t do anything about it. People always say you can conquer your stress and you can change your mind about being stressed. I don’t always find that true. I’m not telling you stress every little thing, but sometimes you need to let yourself stress out… to a point. Your body is meant to stress out, it means your thinking and making decisions and worried about what you are doing, but you shouldn’t let that consume you. You need to stress about it, sit down and write/ think out everything you’re feeling and your options, and then let the dice play where they will. Stressing out is easy, but working through your stress and using it to your benefit is worth the difficulty.

TIP: Write down all of your options and then pro/con and thought on each option on a piece of paper. When you’re done, throw it out. You will feel a little less stressed and it usually help you to make your decision.


Lesson Five – Get outside and get moving

Getting outside is so important for your mental state. I understand some days you don’t have time or it’s just plain gross outside, but when you can just going for a walk or reading your book somewhere quiet and outdoors is such a benefit for your body in so many different ways. You’re getting fresh air and sunlight all while enjoying yourself. For the get moving part, whether it be a walk, run or bike ride it really helps your body. Get sweating and let your body feel movement. I’m one of the number one people in making excuses for working out or going for a walk or bike ride, but I always forget how great I feel when I’m done and how much better my body feels once it gets moving.

TIP: Take a half hour walk every morning to get your body moving. You can listen to music or your favorite podcast, bring your flavored water for boost and enjoy yourself and your surroundings.


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What are some lessons that you learned this summer?


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