Top 5 Empowering Netflix Shows that are a Must Watch

Top 5 Empowering Netflix Shows that are a Must Watch

Let’s be honest, I’m not the only one who loves a good Netflix series, especially one that doesn’t make you feel so bad for not being productive and binge watching a new show. These five Netflix shows I have completed (except one that I just started) and binged, some while writing papers, some while writing blogs, and sometimes as a way to avoid said obligations.

These are the top 5 Netflix shows that I found to leave me feeling empowered. Strong female characters that are ready to kick a** and be there best self.


Girlboss is one of my all time favorite Netflix shows. One that I have rewatched at least three times this past year. DISCLAIMER: I have also read the book, which is what lead me to the show and I absolutely love both of them. Sophia is lost in a busy world and during this series she discovers her passion (for fashion) and shows us how she can build an incredible, successful brand out of a stolen rug, a thrift store jacket and ebay. She will empower you to start working on your dreams RIGHT NOW!

Drop Dead Diva

This show is a just see. It starts with a shallow model, Deb who’s soul gets put inside a woman named Jane, a queen-sized attorney. Jane and Deb are completely opposite, but Deb must get comfortable with her new life as Jane. This show is great for anyone who is going through change in their life as it really brings inspiration on how to adjust your life when you aren’t feeling yourself. It’s a laugh out loud show that I couldn’t stop watching.

Grace & Frankie

Grace & Frankie is one show that I’m always checking to see if they are adding on the next series. They are two women who use to hate each other and are now forced together due to odd circumstances and become best friends (most of the time). This show is witty, keeps you on your toes, and gives you a laugh that will want to go back for. These women empower you to be yourself and do what you need to be successful at any age!

Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie is about a NY doctor who has zero people skills that is forced to move to Alabama where she takes a job offer where she is given the opportunity to learn better people skills in order to get the job she wants in NY. When she arrives she makes new friends and finds out the man who hired her has died and left his portion of the practice to her. Everyday she has new obstacles that even if she thinks she can’t handle, finds a way to learn and accomplish new skills and tasks. This show is also for the misfit who doesn’t always fit in in a community of new people who are confused with her presence in their town.

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

I haven’t finished this series yet, but so far I can’t turn away. Whenever I sit down to watch, I can’t stop. This show is based around the idea of being successful, how you’re willing to achieve It, and that love and life is complicated no matter who you are and that is okay!

What are you watching on Nelflix?

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