6 of My Favorite Foodie Instagram Accounts for Daily Health Inspiration

6 of My Favorite Foodie Instagram Accounts for Daily Health Inspiration

I love following food accounts on Instagram. They give me insights on food, body positivity, mindfulness, and recipes. When I see healthy food that looks delicious and beautiful, it has me craving healthy food, instead of junk food and being able to see them when I scroll through Instagram gets me in the healthy, sunkissed state of mind.

Mia Zarlengo, MS, RD – @bitesbymi

Mia is a women’s health dietitian and recipe developer. Her feed is full of beautiful food and delicious recipes. All of her captions talk on life, recipes and tons of different types of food. Once you start following along, make sure you check out the story highlights consisting of her favorite recipes and food products, not to mention her everyday stories with her everyday food journey


Carina Wolff, health & wellness journalist – @kalememaybe

Carina is a health and wellness journalist and a cookbook author. What that means is that her feed is full of healthy packed, clean-eating recipes and not to mention all the kale. She has ideas to fit all different diets and her photos aesthetically fits any feed. Every story she puts up make for a great addition to her Instagram, all packed full of adventures, products, events, and different insights into areas such as food affecting mood and sugar. 



Danica Frye – @kaleandcarrotsticks

Danica has been an account I have been following for some time. This foodie babe has everything from product reviews, shopping haul info, fridge organization, and all different types of food. Some other things covered are her tips for meal prep, recipes, and ideas on mixing up any boring meals. Not to mention, she does a ton of giveaways to help you try your favorite products before spending money on It.


Nicole Kraus – @wonderfullybalanced

Nicole is kale and donut obsessed, two of my favorites. Her account is dedicated to showing how healthy and fun can be brought into the same diet and that treating yourself is allowed. Her feed of plates on plates on plates really gives you the meal inspo to get your creative juices flowing for every meal. She is also never afraid to share her favorite recipes and how she really feels about the food she is making


Danielle Spidalieri, yoga instructor & holistic health coach – @themindfulblonde

Danielle truly does have a living mindfully attitude, not just because her Instagram bio says so. This Instagram has posts ranging from food to yoga poses to her take on bringing mindfulness to your daily routine. This is a feed that is full of captions that you will want to read with inspiration, mindful routines and ways to help you set your own intentions and routines that are great for your life.



Olivia – @olive__to_eat  

Olivia, one of my favorite human beings that I have had the privilege to meet in person, has an inspiring and well thought out feed. Each post consisting of beautiful food, creative dish-ware, and recipes you won’t want to miss. If you follow along on her stories, you’ll feel like you’re best friends with the beachy college girl herself. Note, she worked on Nantucket at the Roastd General Store all summer which is where I met her!



Who are your favorite Instagram food accounts?


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