How to Celebrate Mother’s Day When Your Mom has Passed Away

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day When Your Mom has Passed Away

As some of you may know, my mom passed away about four years ago from Cancer. My mom was th best role model, my best friend and best therapist for both my friends and myself. Every year, mother’s day has been a hard day for me and this year, I graduated college and all I wanted was her to be there. This was extremely difficult for, basically for months beforehand and I can imagine this feeling will still be here for awhile. This post itself was even really hard to write, as I probably cried like six times just jotting down notes. I do find this post to be completely necessary because just because your mom has passed away, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate.

It’s never easy losing a parent, and a mom. A mom is a special kind of person that knows what you need when your sick, knows how to make a home feel like home and is that first women role model and best friend you had before anyone else even existed in your world. A mom is a very special person, so no wonder they get their own day. Not to mention, all the things that they have done for you that you can never repay them for.


Spend time doing what they loved

This one I think really makes you think. What did your mom love doing? Is it something you can do now? Is it something you can laugh about or reminisce about? If you can’t do it, is there someone you can talk to who remembers and you can talk to about it? I think spending the day doing something that they loved is a great way to reminisce on your mom. Another fun thing about this, is that you could end up loving it too and it could be something you two could share together. If you don’t end up liking, that’s fine too. Not everything your mom loved doing, you will love. She never made you do it before, you can do something else. You could even enjoy something she loved, like her favorite cup of coffee or her favorite snack or television show. Maybe even listen to her favorite song on your way to work.

Spend time doing something you both loved to do together

My mom and I use to always go for drives. We would take our dog for a Nantucket Dog Walk (we drive while he runs). We would drive through the woods and go on beach drives and out on different adventures or even just to the food store. Every mom and daughter has something that they did together. This could be a specific show you both watched together, a meal you ate together, maybe you cooked together. Do something that will make you think about the good times that you two had while doing that. Maybe you can’t do the exact same thing because you’re not home or you don’t have the money, that’s okay. You can still think about the good times and laugh and smile and just remember your mom for everything she was to you and all the good times you two had.

Go out and celebrate her

A lot of people go out for mothers day to do different things together. You can still go do something and celebrate her. Treat yourself to brunch or dinner and be happy. Your mom wants you to be happy. You could go by yourself or you could invite a friend. You could bring a friend that knew your mom and you could share stories, or you could even invite someone who has never met your mom and tell them everything about her. Both are great. The person who knew your mom has a different perception, they can tell you different stories and things to make your giggle that you may never have known about. The person who didn’t know your mom gets to listen to all your stories and get to know her through you. This gives you a chance to go on about your mom and everything you loved about her. Just because your mom isn’t here, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be celebrated.

Make a social media post

Everyone always posts on social media for their parents whether or not they have said social media. So, why can’t you do this for your mom who’s not here. A post talking about her can make you feel better and like she is there with you. I think this is a great way to celebrate your mom and share your celebrations with the world. Everything I have mentioned so far, you can include in your post if you want. Share your favorite story about your mom. You can do anything or everything with this.

Do something you love to do

Most moms want nothing more than their babies to be happy. Your happiness and success will give them more joy than you will ever know. They will be proud in everything you do and what better way to spend Mother’s Day, than making your mom proud. I’m lucky and get to graduate college the day before Mother’s Day, which I know is making my mom tremendously proud. Thinking about what her face would look like and how much she would cry in joy watching me graduate literally makes me cry. That is a huge thing, but even something small that you love to do is a good way to celebrate. As you know, I love blogging, spending a day in a coffee shop working on this passion of mine would still be a great way to celebrate her.  

Celebrate the other Mom’s in your life

While your mom is one of the most important people in your life, there are many other mom’s that can be celebrated today. Think about your Grandmoms, Aunts, Sisters, Cousins, etc. You are surrounded by many different and incredible moms around you. They deserve a little celebrating too.


How are you celebrating Mother’s Day Today?

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