The Ultimate Brunch Guide to New Haven

The Ultimate Brunch Guide to New Haven

Brunch (n): the socially acceptable excuse for day drinking.

So, I have been on the scour to find you the best places to brunch in New Haven. I have found two that I will now be frequently visiting and I’m not even mad about It.


Brunch Spot #1

First on the list is the famous Box 63. They are known for their weekend bottomless mimosas and bloody marys. It’s a little different from other places and that once you have placed your order for them, they just walk around with pitchers to refill your glass as soon as It looks low (in my family, we call this low tide). They even had some live music to accompany our meal and day drinking escapades.

Next, the food. While most places that specialize in brunch, forget the food, this place is far from that. They have bomb burgers that really satisfy. They brunch options like chicken and waffles, salad for those that want to be healthy and my absolute favorite thing… truffle fries. This is my top place to go for brunches in New Haven. In the warmer weather, they even have an outdoor patio for the optimal instagramming aesthetic.

Brunch Spot #2

Next on the list is Maison Mathis New Haven….

This place is perfect for food pictures and the lighting is just right. Besides that, the food and mimosas really are up to par. For the health nut, they have salads and oatmeal and for the rest they have unlimited options. They have light and fluffy Belgium Waffles and a lot of avocado options like this crispy avocado roll. Their food is very fresh and the people serving It are so kind.

Drinks… The mimosa was the perfect amount sparkling and the perfect splash of orange juice, they are not bottomless, but delicious. They have hand-crafted lattes and coffee drinks to anyone’s likings, when do you not need coffee. They even have fresh made juices. The juices are very energy packed and leave you feeling fresh and ready for the day. Not quite, brunch, but they are good.

Brunch Spot #3

The next place is Barracuda’s Brunch. They have all the different fixes with some latin flair. They have your basics from two egg breakfast and omlets to crepes, bacon, egg and cheese sliders and lobster Benedict. You can even get a Latin Hangover, which are brunch tacos. That’s right… brunch tacos. They even have live music at most brunches.

Now, for drinks. They have mimosas and more importantly, the bottomless kind. They even have some fun flavors if you’re feeling It that day. Think mango, guava and passion fruit. Now, I don’t know about you, but I already know what I’ll be eating before I even sit down (Passion Fruit Bottomless Mimosas and a Latin Hangover, and yes I’m ready).


If you don’t feel like going out for brunch this week, here are a few ways to keep things exciting at home!

Margaritas to start the party early!
Did somebody say avocado toast?
Healthy Smoothies for the on-the-go bruncher!






Where’s your favorite place to go for Brunch near you?

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