Oh My, Oh My, What To Do With An Avocado?

Oh My, Oh My, What To Do With An Avocado?

So, I have been asked this great question a few times… “what can you do with an avocado?”.  SO I have complied a list of all the yummy things that I do with Avocados to make your life just a little easier!


Make a pasta sauce // I hav recently discovered a super yummy pasta sauce that you can make with avocados. I take one mini avocado (Trader Joes), add pesto and a tablespoon of vegan spread (Trader Joes). I toss this over tortellinis or zoodles. Please note it may look like green mush, but it’s actually pretty amazing! 

The loved, avocado toast // Avocado toast is one of those things that has just blown up this past year or two and It had all right. This is literally killer. What I do is toast one piece of whole wheat or multi-grain bread, add a full, room-temp. avocado and top It with a over easy egg. For this I suggest adding Everything But The Bagel seasoning and Marie Sharp hot sauce. My favorite recipe here.

Stuffed Sweet Potato // I tend to do this for breakfast, It is like a healthy avocado toast almost. I take a sweet potato cooked (I usually cook a couple at a time and reheat the next day) I add about a half of an avocado, and top with an over easy or poached egg.

Just Plain //  A plain avocado I could eat as a meal in itself. If you add a little Greek Goddess dressing (Trader Joes) or Italian (Paul Newmans) or just salt and pepper It is just amazing and really fresh tasting.

Avocado Salad // This is a great recipe to give you some fresh energy throughout the day. This requires a cut up avocado, sliced cherry tomatoes, feta and I use green goddess or balsamic dressing and some everything but the bagel seasoning. Some optional items you could add are cucumber, goat cheese instead of feta, fresh basil and spinach.

Avocado Tuna or Avocado Tuna Melt // Both are just as yum, just depends on how you’re feeling that day. This is also super easy! Start by mashing up avocado, then add a can of tuna into It. From there you can add the seasonings that you like. For plain avocado tuna, I usually add celery to It. For the melt, It is basically like a grilled cheese with avocado tuna inside. So take two pieces of bread, put a slice of cheese on each side and put your avocado tuna in the middle. Toast It up like a grilled cheese on a skillet. I suggest adding bacon or tomato or spinach to this, or all three.

Avocado Grilled Cheese //  This is very similar to the Avocado Tuna Melt above. It is basically a grilled cheese (nice and simple) made super fancy. Add avocado between your two slices of bread and cheese and cook normally.

Photo via gimmedelcious.com

Avocado Fries //  So you’re going to make a egg wash and panko bread crumb base. Take large avocado slices and cover flour, cover in egg (lightly scrambled) and then toss in panko bread crumbs! I like the whole wheat ones as well! Try dipping in a garlic aioli or chipotle mayo!

Avocado Dip & Guacamole // Guacamole is actually super east to make and is just great with anything, on tacos, sandwiches, a dips, etc.  I personally add an array of things like a little mayo, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, garlic, diced tomatoes, a little onion, and different spices. I know that sounds complicated but you really only need lime juice, salt, pepper, avocado and the rest is up to you! Another fun avocado dip is mashed avocado, corn, black beans with lime and seasonings. All great to be dipped with chips!

I think a huge idea of this post is that if you like avocados, the options are endless. You can add avocado to almost any dish and you can make many things out of them. I personally love avocados and can find a way to mix one in a day if I wanted to! Between breakfast, lunch and dinner there are so many different things you can do with them!

What’s your favorite thing to make with avocados?




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