Self Love Practices In Honor of Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! I hope you are spending today feeling like you own the damn place.

So yesterday was Galentine’s Day and I spent It at work all day, had some class and then got to celebrate with my sisters. We played games, took pictures and ate pizza and cupcakes! We sang to old songs from Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana and danced and just had an all around good time.


Off of that, I think that self-love is also very important for this Valentine’s Day season. In my latest Insta post, you can see how I practice self-love. If you missed It, don’t worry, I put It below! I have heard a lot of people talking down on themselves lately and I have a feeling that Valentine’s Day is a reason why. People tend to feel lonely and just out of whack. But remember, you’re never alone and the person who will always be there for you is… yourself. You need to be your biggest cheerleader. Don’t wait around for someone else to be your cheerleader when you can rock the world all by your damn self.

Here are the reasons I stated in my post for some self-love tips!

💕When I get dressed every day, I try to dress on how I want to feel. When I feel good in my own skin & outfit, I feel better all around.
💕I try to start everyday with positive vibes such as positive music, positive & reaffirming thoughts and a healthy meal. Oh, and coffee ☺️
💕 I have also been trying to switch my thoughts whenever negative things come to mind.
💕 I also try to keep a smile on my face even when things seem down. When you spend time trying to smile, soon you’ll notice you’re not faking a smile, it’s real!

And, here are a few more!

💕 Do not body shame. I think you need to see the beautiful parts of yourself. Look in the mirror and appreciate things about yourself. I’m not saying that every part of you needs to be perfect in your eyes, you’re allowed to want to improve things, but remember nothing is wrong with you.
💕 Take a bubble bath, drink a glass of rosé or champagne and relax. Put on your favorite empowering music, maybe a netflix show to binge and a face mask. Enjoy yourself because you know damn well that you deserve It.
💕 Go buy that discounted chocolate tomorrow and enjoy It. I’m not saying to eat it all in one sitting and cry about it later, but treat yourself and spoil yourself. If chocolate isn’t your thing, go get a margarita and a quesadilla to your liking or go enjoy a new coffee shop with a yummy cheese danish.

In the comments tell me how you celebrate yourself and practice self-love in your daily life and around Valentine’s Day? Also, what your plans this Valentine’s Day both my single ladies and coupled up gals? 





*Disclaimer: The featured image is from Pinterest, but I have tried that wine and it is quite yummy*



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