Why It Is Okay to Not Be Okay & 5 Ways to Help Pull Yourself Back Together

“It takes 10 times longer to pull yourself back together than it takes to fall a part”.

Why is it okay to not be okay?

This is simple… because we are human. We are not born to be perfect, zero emotion creatures. We all f*ck up and we all get sad and that is what makes us human. Cry because you need to. You are allowed, it is okay. But remember, you will always be okay.

You are allowed to not be okay because something has happened and it has knocked you off your feet. That is the point. This obstacle came here to knock you down. When you hit the ground, it will hurt, it may hurt more than anything you have ever felt. You will take minute, you don’t have to stand right away, and you will feel the pain. Sometimes it knocks the air out of you and you have to find your breathe before you do anything. But, the fact of the matter is, you will still get up. You will get back up on your feet and you will walk forward. That is not an option. You fall to stand taller and stronger than you ever have before.

How to pull yourself back together?

Cry // Have you every been told “big girls don’t cry”? I have. And guess what? I think we, as women, have the right to let that sh*t loose. It is okay to cry and to fall a part sometimes.

Listen to your favorite saddest songs and then listen to your most empowering songs // Music is one of those outlets that can make you feel how they are feeling. Everyone has that playlist that makes them feel that type of way. You need a sad song playlist to help you let everything out and feel all those sad feels. I hate when people tell me not to listen to sad music because It makes me feel better, it truly does. Then when you’re tired of feeling sad and lonely and maybe crying a little, you put on your empowerment playlist and you pull yourself together. You need that extra happy boost to start your day and get you in the right mindset.

Go for a drive and hang out at “your place” // I have this place, where whenever I’m in a bad mood or upset or just really don’t feel like going home, I go to. That is “my place”. There is something about It that brings me peace and makes me feel better inside. I have one in West Haven and I have one on Nantucket. I suggest, if you haven’t already, to go find that place. Whenever you’re not in that good mood and are not okay, go for a drive to “your place” or just a drive to clear your head.

Treat Yourself //  Treating yourself isn’t always just buying yourself things, It could be letting yourself eat your favorite food, eating some ice cream, do a face mask and take a bath bomb bath, or even just allow yourself to have a mental health day.

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Forget // Now, this may sound stupid and I know this isn’t as easy as I’m making It sound, but I don’t think you’re getting the point. You don’t forget forever, you forget for a moment. Do something to make you forget what’s wrong in the moment. Take the moment you’re in right now, and live It, forget what’s bothering you and maybe you’ll come back to It thinking differently. You had your moment to be sad and to cry and now you need to “forget”, leave It behind. Let yourself be happy for a minute because you do deserve It.



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