5 Ways To Get Your Life Together Before A New Semester

The Spring semester is upon us, even though it’s 16 degrees out and feels nothing like Spring anywhere here in New England. I have made a goal to getting my life together this semester and devoting more time to me. (You can see a full list of my goals for 2018 and the shift I will be making here) With that being said, I plan on getting my goals set in place and full plans to achieve them ready to go!

Set Your Goals // Get a list of around ten goals set for the new year. You can break them down further into smaller goals to help you achieve them. I have the Passion Planner right now and it has been nothing but helpful in planning and achieving my goals.

Sit Down and Think // Take a day or a minute or how ever long it takes you and really think about what you want this year. What really matters to you. Mine includes being happy, not spreading myself thin and other self love topics. I want to improve myself all around. Think about your mistakes and what you have learned from them. Use those.

Get Your Classes in Order // Make sure that your schedule is in order. Print out all of your syllabuses. Make sure that you have your school supplies that you need. If you can order the textbooks you know you need. Get your desk organized and ready.

Clean Your Room // Getting your room in order is very important in getting your semester in order. I like to make sure my “desk” area is cleaned off and organized. I also call it my “desk” area because it’s not really a desk, it’s a mixture of a desk, bureau and storage area. I like to get all my laundry put away from break, organize what I brought back from Christmas and make sure everything is organized to be the most efficient for me.

Clean Out Your Backpack // This one is important because it’s one of the main things you use to keep your life together. Whether you use a backpack or a purse, you need to make sure it’s clean and cleaned out. Stock up on your school supplies and keep them organized in your bag until classes start!

I think a new semester is a really great opportunity to get your life in order. You get to start fresh and do what you want. Organize your life so that you’re living your best. I think getting organized and setting goals are going to help me be my best self this semester. I have a lot that I want to do!

How are you preparing for the new semester?


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