How to Get Back on Track After all that Holiday Food

If your holidays looked anything like mine, you had a lot of food and a lot of booze. The food was good, but I wouldn’t call it anything close to a diet. I plan on spending the next couple days resisting all the chocolate surrounding me from Christmas  refreshing and cleansing my body. I may not be cutting everything out and eating the healthiest and running 20 miles a day, but I want to eat better than I have, not eat a ton of sugar, load up on water and stretch / meditate.

Starting my day with water and coffee. For food, I want to eat eggs with veggies or greek yogurt. I don’t want to eat bagels and cream cheese or coffee cake, like I have been. Basically stay away from high carbs and sugar for breakfast that will leave me crashing.

For lunch, I want to eat some type of veggies and protein. Trying not to just eat a sandwich, booze or sugar. Also, I have a lot of pasta lying around, so I’m going to try and not just eat loads of that.

For dinner, I want to stick to a rounded meal. Veggies, protein and some type of carb in small portions. I don’t want to eat take-out, all carbs or basically nothing that will feel very heavy in my stomach.

I personally don’t have any left overs, but I know a lot of people do. You could make ham or beef sandwiches, just try to use hummus or mustard instead of mayonnaise, add veggies like lettuce and tomatoes. You could also take leftover protein and some veggies like peppers or kale and make a frittata or quiche for breakfast. Those could last you a week. For dinner, you can sauté up protein and veggies and pair with some leftover potatoes or rice. Try to stick to majority of your plate with veggies, a fist full of carbs and protein each. Try to stay away from butter, cream or fatty sauces. I try to do a wine with veggies, protein like white fish, and fresh herbs like cilantro or parsley. If you pair that with brown rice (or rice pilaf) it is really yummy!

I think just being mindful what you are putting in your body is what matters. Not focusing so much on what you aren’t eating,  but focusing on what you are and how it makes you feel. Know that if you eat a ton of carbs it will leave you full for a short period of time and if you eat a lot of sugar it will leave you crashing in an hour or so. I think if you are going to eat sugar or carbs don’t leave it to one meal, balance it out throughout the day in small portions. I think eating carbs in every meal is not necessary, but having fruit / veggies and protein is. I think focusing on what is behind what you are eating is also very important. An example is zucchini, it is a carb, but it is a healthy carb, that will leave you full for a while. Avocados are really healthy for you as well, but they are all fat. I believe you have to learn about the food you are eating in order to make a difference in your health.


How are you getting back on track from all the Holiday food?

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