The Unwanted & Probably Needed Phone Detox…

So I have not had a phone for the past two or so weeks… here’s the backstory: My phone has been having some battery problems to the point where it wouldn’t work unless it was charging. If I tried to use it when it wasn’t charging, it would usually just die. To keep things short, it finally decided one day, while it was charging, to die and never turn on. So, there it is, the backstory to my unwanted phone detox.

Let me just tell you, it is not easy living without a cell phone. I knew how dependent I was on my cell phone, but there are a lot of things that I didn’t even realize I needed my phone for. I needed my GPS to go places, I was printing out directions, I needed an alarm clock, my roommates had to wake me up because I don’t own an alarm clock, basic communication, I couldn’t even make a phone call for a doctor’s appointment. This Thanksgiving was a little more aware of what my life is and the privilege I have because of this experience.

The nice part of this experience… you get to experience life a little more realistic. I’m not always worried about my Instagram likes and if I’m responding to people’s snaps. I wasn’t distracted while driving, even if it was just picking a song to play. I had to make plans ahead of time because I wouldn’t be able to contact people once I lost wifi. This experience had me reevaluating how much I use my phone. I usually blame the reason I’m on social media so much is because I am trying to learn more about it in order to do it for a living, and while that can be a good reason, it is not an excuse to devote all my time to my phone.

I think everyone could use a good phone detox. Do I think you should do it for two weeks? Absolutely not, that is torturous. But I do think you should do it for a few days so you can adjust to it. It will help you see things in a new light and appreciate it so much more. That doesn’t sound appealing? Learn to cut down for a few days or in general. Don’t rely on it all day, every day. They’ve only been saying this for years that you need to take some time away from your phone. Like leave it in another room when you go to bed, or at least don’t look at it for an hour or so before you go to bed. I think just stepping it back to something realistic for you can really be mentally beneficial.

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