Taking Care of your Hair and Skin in the Winter

So today was the first day it really felt like Fall, maybe even Winter. It was just really cold, but not really miserable. The only part that made it a little miserable, is that I wasn’t  prepared for it. I wasn’t prepared, I don’t have riding boots, I don’t have my winter jacket and I didn’t even turn on my heat last night because I thought it was just the wind. So, I want to help you be a little more prepared. While, my fall/winter clothes are still sitting in my car and on Nantucket, my skin and hair products are happily living in my house and ready to aid this dry and cold weather!

Deep Conditioning Treatment

This treatment I use about once a week and it really saves my hair. I let it soak in for about 5 to 10 minutes, hop in a nice, steamy shower and then wash it out. Reminder from my post where I learned I was washing my hair all wrong and that condition, shampoo, condition can really help, especially with deep conditioning.


Wash Your Face, But Don’t Always Scrub

I usually use Apricot scrub because I have been in love with it for absolutely ever. I have used it as long as I have washed my face, my Mom used it before me and I have never thought about using anything else. One day I decided to try something else and now I am hooked on using both. Apricot Scrub is great in the summer with all the humidity and grease, but in the Winter everything is dry. I still use Apricot, but I switch it out every day so I am not using it every day.

Don’t Forget About the Rest of Your Body

Scrub your skin and not just your face. I have this amazing scrub that smells wonderful and just makes my skin super soft. I think this is a great investment and you don’t need to use it everyday! Don’t forget to lotion afterwards!

Eat To Impress

What you put into your body is one of the most important aspects to your skin and hair routine. If all you eat is sh*t, then your skin and hair is going to reflect that. Healthy eating will help fuel you, your skin, your hair and help you out in the long run!

Stay Hydrated!

This is told to you, time and time again. I know every post about skin and hair is always about staying hydrated, but that is because it is true. Your body is literally majority water, the more you drink the better you feel and the better your skin will look. Thank me later for this reminder.

I hope these tips help you this Fall (winter) season. I think these are all very important aspects into having good hair and skin. What you put into your body, will alway reflect that, including money and time.

How do you take care of your skin & hair in the fall/ winter? 


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