A Cozy Room Takes Effort: 3 Tips to Transform Your College Bedroom

A Cozy Room Takes Effort: 3 Tips to Transform Your College Bedroom

With Fall approaching quickly, you start to think about the crisp weather, the fall scents, being wrapped up cozy in your bed. You also have to think of a place where you can both relax and be productive, at least as a college student. Here are three tips to transform your college bedroom and space! 

Add Warming Wall Decorations

Empty walls kill. I will stand by that 100%. I think having pictures up, drawings, crafts or one of my favorites, a tapestry and twinkle lights will make all the difference. The wall behind my bed is my absolute favorite, it has a tapestry with twinkle lights and the colors are just relaxing and it makes me enjoy being in my room. I also have a white board hung and a calendar white board hung for productivity, along with a board full of memories and pictures.


A Comfy Bed 

I think having a bed comforter that you can just snuggle up into is a key element to having the perfect room. You also need to make sure that it is not just cuddly, but you are able to sit on top and get work done (at least if you don’t have a desk). See 6 Ways To Be Productive Before BedI think its good to have an array of pillows, both comfy and cute. Also always keep a throw blanket near by, especially in the fall when you still have a window open, but that chilly breeze can still come in! I am known for keeping my window slightly opened while wearing shorts and throw blanket this time of year!

Keep It Clean

This one is the hardest for me! It’s not like my room is dirty or I have food or dishes everywhere, I just have clothes everywhere, all the time! I try really hard to not have my clothes everywhere, but I just feel like I have all this time to do laundry, but by the time its done, I don’t have the time to put it all away and organize everything. If you look at my room right now, you would understand exactly what I am talking about. Picture this: two laundry baskets full of clothes, my dirty clothes in a different pile and my shoes laid out next to my door.  Exactly. That is a mess and does not help me to be productive or be cozy, it just stresses me out. Moral of the story: Keep your room clean!

BONUS: Get Candles in different scents to make your room extra homey, the scent and the flickering is quite relaxing and if you can’t have candles, I love wax melters! I currently have a super cute Pineapple Melter and I love Bath and Body Works for every season, especially fall, not to mention the price is just right.

How do you make your bedroom more cozy and/or productive?


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