What You Should Never Leave Your Internship Without…

What You Should Never Leave Your Internship Without…

Today is the last day of my internship at Odonnell Company and it is both a bittersweet day. I have spent my whole summer here and I loved everyone I came across in this experience and I have learned enough information to convince me that I like my major and I am on the right path. But, there are a few things that I have learned not to leave without that isn’t just a goodbye!

Never leave without a Letter of Recommendation from your Internship Supervisor.

This one is very important. This is the person you directly were in contact with, had to sign paperwork and basically lead you through the journey that was your internship, I also enjoy this because it helps to show myself that I actually did something instead of just sitting at my desk waiting for work. Like I actually did something useful and they thought it was good! 

Remember all that paperwork you were suppose to fill out for your internship? Don’t leave without making sure that is all done!

Mine had paperwork that had to be filled out by my advisor, my internship supervisor and me! Make sure that you go through all of your paperwork about twelve times and make sure that no page is left un-filled out. This is one of the most important because it looks very unprofessional if about a month later you go to hand it in and you missed some parts and have to contact the company where your internship was.

Experience, Connections & Confidence

Never leave your internship without giving it your all and showing everyone all the amazing things you did. You were there to gain experience and connections and without those two things, you really won’t be able to get ahead in your career. Everything you do at your internship you should be taking something away from it. Also take away confidence because you just made it through an entire internship. That is adult-ing and you now have resume worthy experience! Be loud and proud! Congratulations!

I hope you made the most out of your internship like I did! (I even made a thank you note for everyone on the team, and yes they were handwritten) Make sure to always go the extra mile, it really does pay off!

What did you take away from your internship?


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