4 Fashion Items I’m Loving This Summer

Happy Sunday Everyone! I’m going to start by saying that I’ve been super busy and was in Bermuda I had very little internet, so I’m sorry for the lack of posting! If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you would know be a little up-to-date with what is happening in my life! I you don’t, check out the side bar where you can follow along!

Now, with Summer in full swing (and sadly ending soon), I’ve found trends that I am in love with and I also found a few things that I would die without thanks to what my schedule currently looks like! August is starting this week, my birthday in two and school starting in about four. 


The LBD. I have found that the little black dress is what will get you through every night out! Rather it be a body-con LBD or a nice a-line LBD, it’s guaranteed to make an impression.

Shawls! I know, seems almost out of date, but honestly, it’s perfect! It’s great for the chilly office or class room and they go with everything. Whether you’re wearing jeans and a tank or a dress, it’s the perfect go-to.


High-Waisted Anything! High-waisted shorts, pants, skirts, etc. never really went out of style! They look great with crop tops, hold in any extra pudge you might have and really just look great in every style!

Colorful Bracelets… I think having a wrist of colorful bracelets really make every aesthetic better, especially these Pura Vida bracelets! They are water proof and all hand-made in Costa Rica by local artisans.  Want to know the best part? You get 20% your purchase with my code MARINAJUBE20

I hope your summer is going swimmingly and you’re doing all the amazing things you had planned! I hope these fashion items find you well and will take you into the fall.

What are your fashion items you’re loving this summer?


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