I’ve Been Washing My Hair All Wrong And That’s About To Change…

So I use to just do the basic stuff to my hair, no matter the weather, season, etc. The most I added was if I blow dried my hair or straightened it.

Safe to say, my hair hated me.

I then added the Garner Fructis Marvelous Oil to my beauty routine and it made a difference, but the hair journey I was on, wasn’t over yet. During the summer, my hair use to be as dry and brittle as the Sahara dessert. Then I added ever straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy by OGX for daily use in the summer and fall. It really helps my hair to stay soft and not-so gross. {I use the marvelous oil for fight after I wash my hair and the Keratin Therapy to start my day}


Now, I’ve never had a greasy hair problem (thank-god), but my hair hates me if I wait to long to wash it or wash it too often. I’ve had to try and figure out my happy medium. I use to wash my hair every other day, shampoo, condition then when I get out, I add my oil and then blow dry it. Hair process done.

Not so much anymore…

Now, it’s a little more complicated, but my hair looks 100x better. Once a week, Sundays for me, I spend the holy day conditioning my hair with Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco by OGX. I let that sit for a little bit before I hop in the shower and wash my hair. (Note: Monday’s I have my internship, so I spend Sunday’s meal prepping and getting my sh*t together, sometimes with a four hour shift at American Eagle in there somewhere). When I wash my hair, I don’t just shampoo and condition, I shampoo, condition (let that marinate for like twenty minutes while I shave everything and scrub my face) and then I do this magically thing… Shampoo, again.

I know, I sound crazy. BUT I guarantee it really makes the difference, especially on Sunday’s when I do my extra condition. It allows the extra grease to be taken off of your hair so it’s not so weighted down. It still leaves your hair soft because of the marination, but this way its not so lifeless.10 Ways to Boost your Self-Confidence | Always Sunkissed

Note: I wash my hair three times a week! Usually Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday. One day a week,  I usually use my favorite Dry Shampoo and I don’t think you could wrong with that!

Happy Shampooing Everyone! I hope this advice helps you, as much as it has helped my hair!


What is your hair routine?



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