Carry Coffee in One Hand and Confidence in the Other {The Start of a New Chapter}

I am about to jump into my second week at my internship at Odonnell Company and wow is it a whole new adventure. I’ve never had an office job before, honestly, before this year I’ve never even had a job that wasn’t seasonal (for the summer). It really is a different experience. I have been nothing more than excited but I feel like I need 800 projects to stay busy. I love being busy. That’s just who I am. Once I finish one project, I am ready to jump onto the next!

So far I have written blog posts (a favorite), I have worked on Facebook post copy for a campaign, and I got to see the inside of a MacBook! Safe to say, I am in awe. I love getting to experience a new company culture, creating new projects, and learning everything there is to offer. {Peep the picture of me below at the company}

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Don’t worry, if this office job doesn’t work out I have a perfect backup plan. One thing you probably know about me, is my love for coffee. So, while sitting in the downstairs café of my office, it occurred to me.

One of my favorite bloggers (I’m currently listening to her podcast as I type), spent time working at a local coffee shop in Nantucket and running their Instagram. She also runs her own blog, but through both the HandleBar’s and her own, you can see her passion for social media. And through her blog, you can see her passion for living a better and healthy lifestyle.

IMG_0924That’s what I want. I want to show the world my passion. I am working every day to find my path(s) to live out my passions and to show them to the world. I am still finding myself, as I bet a lot of you are. That is half the reason I have this blog, to show the world what I am learning in my messy life and to exhibit what I am spending my days being passionate about.

So this is where my journey continues. With my excitement at Odonnell company and being lost in New Haven. I’m starting projects and writing blog posts. And I start everyday with coffee in one hand and confidence in the other.


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