Why I Love Being A Part of CollegeFashionista

If you follow me on any form of social media, you will notice that I am a intern for CollegeFashionista. I have been an intern for them for about five semesters and I am hoping to continue my journey with them until I graduate from college. They even have real-life positions in New York City. The options for them are endless. I am hoping for the upcoming year to be apart of their social media team, but we will find out then.

One of my favorite parts about this internship is the love you get from all the other “Style Guru’s” out there. From our group chat on Slack to all the social media likes and comments, you feel right at home. I love seeing what they are all doing with their lives and viewing how they all show who they are on Twitter and Instagram. In the past, we even had a twitter group which I adored. I could just spend hours seeing what they all were up to on twitter (some of the best tweets I read).

One of my favorite things about CollegeFashionista, is their podcast series, “Office Hours”. You will probably see some of my posts about it on Twitter and Instagram and most definitely snapchat. There podcasts really set them apart from some other competitors in this industry. You get to hear from different people in all different fields in the fashion and social media industry. Also, if you follow their social media as well, there photos come from their Style Gurus so you never know when you’ll be featured (insert all the followers to come). You will also be notified of all their podcasts!

If you aren’t a “Style Guru” (intern) for them yet, I highly suggest you join! If you’re into social media, fashion, copy editing, writing, or anything like that, this is meant to be!

Here is a link to some of the articles I have written for them!

Have you ever heard of CollegeFashionista? What other internships interest you?


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