Let’s Talk Mom Jeans

I’ve been having this dilemma in life where I can’t find a pair of jeans that I want to live in. Everyone I know has that pair that you always see them rocking, its their signature and they couldn’t be more in love. I’ve been working at American Eagle just shy of six months and I feel this is not the right dilemma for me to be having. I may not be a jean expert, but I think I’ve finally figured it out. 


My Holey Tomgirl Jeans, or as I call them, my “Mom Jeans” are what solved the issue. These jeans have been my saving grace. Normal jeans, fall and rub and just make me hate wearing jeans. These jeans have changed that, I can literally taken naps in them. I found them and fell in love on first wear. I even had to buy a second pair.


The only problem I see, is that parents (especially grandparents) see holey jeans as a problem for our generation. But I say, screw it. Your rock your mom jeans in any style you please and enjoy the comfort. Holes mean more room to breathe and more skin to share (still beats my shorties, dad). Honestly, I’m sad they never saw the comfort in wearing some looser fitting holey jeans.

I even got some opinions from my fellow Style Guru’s, “I think “mom jeans” look good on almost every body type, making them a versatile and cute addition to any wardrobe. Finding the perfect pair can be challenging, but once you do it’s worth it!” My thoughts exactly.

Need some advice styling? Pair with a tight tank or a white tee. Rock a jacket, plaid or cardigan. I pair mine with sandals or toms, a tight tank or sorority tee and something to throw over my shoulders!

Comment what you pair yours with! 


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