Early Bird Vs. Night Owl

Everyone is an either or here. You are rather a early bird or a night owl. Now being one of the other has its advantages, but if you’re living with the opposite, you might find yourself feeling annoyed on occasion.



Early Bird: Alarm goes off. Gets up and gets ready for the day. Usually showers, does hair and skin routine, while making breakfast and drinking her morning coffee. Usually gets some work done as well. Her to-do list will already have a dent. She like to have time to relax in the morning and needs time to look her best.

Night Owl: Not ready to be awoken. Her alarm goes off, she snoozes.  Finally gets out of bed with just enough time to get dressed, grab coffee, and get to class on time. Don’t talk to her until she has finished her first cup of coffee.


Early Bird: Class is going well, is getting work done between classes. Maybe on her second cup of coffee. Ready for an early lunch. She is still productive, her to-do list is half way done.

Night Owl: On her third cup of coffee. Still tired and classes are not helping. Regrets registering for classes before noon.


Early Bird: Ready for a break in her day. She has most of her work done, but hasn’t had a lot of socializing. Trying to see what she has to do later to make sure she can go to bed on time.

Night Owl: More coffee and lunch time! Socializes with some friends doing this period. Maybe gets some work done as well.


Early Bird: Getting tired. Eats dinner and finishes up any more work she has to get done. Her to-do list is usually done by now or soon to be.

Night Owl: Starting to awaken. She has had a day full of events but she isn’t done. She probably has some night time meetings and is running around. If she doesn’t have meetings, she probably has started doing some homework. Her to-do list, probably has one or two things checked off.


Early Bird: Getting ready for bed because she is already exhausted. Homework is done. Dinner is eaten. Time for night time beauty routines.

Night Owl: Dinner time. She may have another cup of coffee with dinner or maybe a glass of wine. She is doing homework and is wide awake!


Early Bird: In bed and ready to go. If forced to stay up later, she is most likely cranky. Don’t wake her up!

Night Owl: Finally sits down for her prime time. She knocks out all her work on her to-do list and makes her to-do list for tomorrow and maybe even next week. If she still isn’t tired, she will catch up on her Netflix shows and maybe even clean her whole apartment.


Early Bird: Sound asleep.

Night Owl: Gets ready for bed and sets her alarm for the morning. Usually includes a shower or some typical beauty routines.

I know I am a night owl, I do better at night time, that is how I am programmed. One thing you have to remember though, is that just because you aren’t the other one, if you live with them, you have to respect the other person. Try to put yourself in their shoes and remember that you still have to work around each other.

Are you a night owl or an early bird?


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