How to Prepare for a New Semester {Spring Edition}

We’re all getting ready to head back to college from our Holiday season/break/vacation. Let’s be honest, most of us needed this break, I know I definitely did! From warm escapes, getting some extra cash in the bank and just plain ole’ relaxing, I count you are going back better than how you left. A little less stress and a lot more happy. I was doing some research (well, if Pinterest counts) and remembered that going back to a new semester is going to be a little more tricky if you don’t do a little (or a lot) of preparing.


1. Buy Your Textbooks Early | Don’t go back feeling like you have to spend all this money. Buy your textbooks early and safe yourself the hassle. I have even had some professors who think it is fun to give you a quiz on the first chapter during the first week of classes. Don’t get taken off guard.

2. Make an Assignment Schedule | An assignment schedule is an excel document that lets you keep all your class assignments organized in one place all by due date. This is a key tool to having all your classes and assignments organized. I do one every semester and I highly suggest making yourself one!

3. Buy New Supplies | This is one of my favorite things…. buying new school and desk supplies. I have a (not-so-secret) love for office supplies and things that keep me organized. I have tried a few different ways to keep everything organized and so far, I have found that the most useful for myself is Sharpie Pens, individual notebooks, with usually one binder for one/two classes. Make sure that if you choose to do notes on your computer, you have it very organized.

How I organize my planner | Sunkissed

4. Enter Known Dates Into Your Planner/ Calendar | I highly suggest using Google Calendars and a planner. I am currently using the Happy Planner {See Here} and while it is no Erin Condren Planner or The Day Planner, it is what I can afford {hint: Micheal’s Coupons} and what works pretty well for me. I do enjoy how different every planner is and how adjustable they are. Now, go back to your assignment schedule, and take all those due dates and put them into your Planner. Here I would also put all my sorority calendar dates and other clubs. This is to help you from loosing track of everything. I would also suggest putting your classes down so you don’t forget. I know I mix it all up every once in a while, especially during a very stressful week.

5. Clear Out Your Old Classes | Look at your desk and you’ll probably see all of your old work from classes that you really don’t care about and will never be relevant to you again. Now, take all that stuff and throw it out! remember to save the important stuff, such as if it is from the first part of a course, it might come in handy when you go onto the second part of the course.

Now, take your break to relax a little and get prepared! Don’t over stress this semester, that will only hurt you, just try and stay on top of your work and your life!



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