7 Essential Strategies to Simplify Your Semester

We are all in the midst of our semester and I know, personally, that its a struggle. I like to think everything is as smooth as it could be and everything is grand, but let’s be honest, college is hard and by mid-semester you start to burn out and need some motivation. I have started to compile this list of some strategies to help you simplify your semester to help ease that burn-out (or make it not happen).

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Put your phone on Do Not Disturb/ Airplane mode during class and while studying!

This strategy is implemented to help you pay attention. You don’t need that group message or all those social media notifications blowing up your phone and distracting you. And let’s be honest, we’re only popular when we should be doing something else. I know when I put my phone on Do Not Disturb during class, I actually learn something and whenever I don’t, I end up dealing with some problem that takes away from my class where I need to be paying attention.

Digitize your planner (well, somewhat).

I know, I know, your planner is your life. I know, mine is my life too. How could I ever ask you to get rid of your planner? Well, I’m not. Keep your paper planner, but use your Google Calendar or iCal to keep your planner on the go. I know my planner is my life and if I forget it, that’s it, it’s over. So, if your transfer the important stuff online, you always have it with you because let’s be honest, when do you forget your phone or laptop? Exactly.

If you have a reoccurring assignment, do it at the same time.

This one is kind of tough, I know I don’t usually have reoccurring assignments for my class, but a lot of professors do assign these type of assignments. I think it is best, to sit down at the same time every week, you know your free, and just get it done and out of the way. You also have it scheduled in, so you treat it like any other event, you plan around it. School work should come first, treat it with that much importance.

Find Motivation

When that mid-semester slump strikes, find motivation to not crumple into a ball and do nothing. You can do anything you put your mind and matter to, you just have to find what motivates you to do it in the first place. I know that I take on a lot, but I love everything I do and that is my motivation. When the year starts to get hard, I have to buckle down and get my life together and remember why I am here. That is usually where my Motivation Monday’s come from.

Auto-pay is your best friend

Remember both due days for bills and assignments and every other thing you do can be tricky. I know you have your planner, but still, it’s hard. I think a lot of companies automatically put you on auto-pay now a days, but if they don’t, set it up yourself. With this, you have to still check to make sure it is all still being paid and their is no weird charges, but at least you don’t have late fees and nothing is being shut off on you.


Stay Healthy

I know this one is hard! Stay hydrated is huge part and try not to indulge too often in junk food. If you can squeeze in some time, the gym is prime also! But you have to remember, a healthy you, is a happy you. The healthier you eat, the happier you feel. You will have more energy and you will feel better about yourself on top of it.

Create a routine

Routines are very important in the whole not burning out thing. If you can create a morning and/or night routine, you will feel better. Your morning routine could include waking up at the same time everyday, gym, coffee, a healthy breakfast, sitting down and getting work done, really just a routine can help you be productive the rest of the day. For a night time routine, you could go to bed at the same time (making waking up easier), eating dinner at a certain time, making sure you get your stuff done before bed, washing your face and taking your makeup off, etc. Both are very important in staying healthy and feeling put together and getting stuff done.

I hope everyone is getting through this semester and have found their motivation in getting through every day! I know I have!


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