6 of the Best Trader Joe Products

Who doesn’t love a good Trader Joe’s Binge. I love food shopping (and shopping in general), so going to Trader Joe’s is great and a treat. Some things I know I shouldn’t get because I am on a college budget, but I have compiled a list of a few things, within budget, that I love to have to munch on. I hope you find this list useful and the treats as yummy as I found them.

Coconut Chips | They are amazing! They are crunchy and savory and sweet. One of my new favorite treats that I discovered this week. After reading through the ingredient list, where the top ingredient is coconut, I discovered that they are actually pretty good for me too! Defiantly a good switch from chips or candy.

Best Trader Joe Products | Sunkissed

Chocolate Covered Pretzels (and Pretzel Crisps) | You can never go wrong with these! They are crunchy and chocolatey and worth every calorie (not that you should really be counting anyway).

Goat Cheese | So, I am a huge fan of goat cheese. Goat cheese on baguette, crackers, anything. I just love goat cheese. My big and I tend to splurge and get their blueberry goat cheese, which is amazing. I am also a die-hard fan of anything blueberry. Mix that with got cheese, and I’m sold. Yesterday when I was there, at their sample bar, they had apple cinnamon goat cheese with pumpkin spice chips. It was so fall-y and seasonal and delicious. I fell in love, and I’m not a huge fall-flavor fan. I’m super picky about my pumpkin spice and my cinnamon, I know, not so basic of me. Trader Joes Best | SunkissedPB&J Chocolate Bar | I went shopping last night and I was starving to say the least. I had just finished a job interview and was headed to back to my dorm with no energy. I was checking out when this beautiful bar caught my eye. Peanut Butter and Jelly inside a dark chocolate bar. Now, I’m not a huge chocolate person (I know, I must be crazy), but something about this yelled “TRY ME”, so I did. I regret nothing. I somehow even managed to save a bite for my roommate to try. 10/1o recommend.

Cornbread | This corn bread is amazing. It takes about a half hour to cook and virtually nothing to make, not to mention there is real corn inside. That is right, REAL CORN! It is everything you could ever want in corn bread.


PB&J Bars | I’ve heard stories about these. I don’t know if I have just been craving PB & J, but not wanting all the bread, or what, but these are yummy! They have strawberry jam and creamy butter surrounded in oats and the ingredient list makes you feel healthy. They are perfect for on the go and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.



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