How I Organize My Planner {The Happy Planner}

How I Organize My Planner {The Happy Planner}

So my planner is a good representation of my life; It is a hot mess. I do really enjoy the planner that I have though, it is The Happy Planner by Create 365. It is set up in columns and has a weekly notes section and a monthly calendar with some fun stuff for each month. One of the best parts about my planner is that you can buy it at Michaels and Michaels has a lot of coupons, so hello 50% off.


Now, I have taken my daily column for Monday-Sunday and changed it a little bit. It has three rows in each column and those are suppose to be for Morning, Afternoon and Night. I do morning and night and then use the bottom column for my daily to-do list. My roommate has also added to give her my daily snuggles hahah!

For the months section, it’s pretty simple! I add specific events for my sorority and due dates, as shown!

One of my favorite little things that this specific planner has, is the beginning of the month section. It has a “Currently, this month” section. I really like this because if you didn’t notice before, I had started doing some currently posts on my blog, so that really helps me plan for that!

Overall, the main tool I use for planning, are my colored pens! I use Paper mate and Sharpie pens.

I am also looking into getting a separate notebook to insert into my planner that is daily to do that has more space for my daily/ weekly to-dos. They have a super cute one at Michaels that I would be able to use a 50% off coupon for! Got to love those coupons.


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