5 Things Not to Do When Preparing for Midterms

What not to do when preparing for midterms

Welcome to Midterm season, one of the worst weeks of the semester! My midterms are currently kicking my a** (excuse my French), but it’s true. This week, I have four midterms in two days and boy are they not fun. So, I have complied a list of what not-to-do to prepare for midterms because I wish I found some of these ahead of time.

  1. Don’t wait until the week of midterms (or weekend of) to start studying. Try to prepare yourself in advance. Even if you just study a few weeks ahead of time or pick time every week to study leading up to your midterms.
  2. Don’t pull all nighters. By following the piece of advice above, you can avoid pulling all nighters which are just horrible for you body and brain. You need rest for memory, just like you need healthy food.
  3. Don’t binge on junk food, just because you don’t “have time” for real food. You need real food to function. Junk food will hurt you in the long run and you’ll feel like poop later for it.
  4. Don’t just skim through the text. Read the text book, Skimming can be good, but if you have the time read through the textbook or powerpoint slides, do it! It will benefit you more when it comes to studying.
  5. Don’t not ask for help. It is best to ask a knowledgable peer/ friend, a tutoring system your school offers, or even go straight to the source, your professor. Professors have office hours for a reason, use them. They love it, it looks good on your behalf and you get the help you really need.


Coffee and Midterm what not to do




What do you do to prepare yourself for midterms?


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