How to De-stress the First Week of Classes {Junior Year Edition}

How to De-Stress the First Week of Classes | Sunkissed

I am in the process of moving into my Junior year of college. While that seems unrealistic to some, for me it is a bittersweet reality. Today I am in my second day of classes and boy, was I not expecting my classes to be anything like they are. Some are good, some are well, difficult.

I have not yet finished unpacking into my dorm room, I swear my roommates are going to kill me. While I originally wanted to live off campus, that was not an option this year. I have struggled trying to get my life together these few days, between a social life, my classes, moving in and unpacking, my sorority and being the vp of Photography club. I am one big ball of stress right now. So, I have compiled a small list of ways to destress even though it’s still the first week!

  1. Take a long, hot shower! | I know who wants to take a hot shower in August… I do people. I love hot showers and they help me to destress all the time, especially at night time.
  2. Go grab a coffee | Whether you go to Starbucks (like I do) or you go to a cute little coffee shop, just go grab yourself a cup of coffee and drink it and destress a little. Think of your coffee, not your life.
  3. Jam out to some music | Music is a good way to destress. You can unpack and listen to music, you can do work and listen to music, you can even just chill and listen to music. Sometimes it is that extra bit that just helps you to distress. Don’t forget to dance around a little bit!
  4. Cook something yummy | Personally, I love cooking! Cooking is a way for me to destress at home, so now that I have a kitchen, I can use it to destress at school! For some people, baking is their thing, I totally get that! Bake! Cook! Make something yummy and don’t forget to enjoy it afterwards!
  5. Work out! | Working out can be good for letting go of stress. It also makes you happier! You could do yoga, spinning or even just work out on your own! It will boost you endorphin levels and you’ll feel better about yourself too! You’ll be happy and less stressed.


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