10 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence

10 Ways to Boost your Self-Confidence | Always Sunkissed

We all could use some killer self-confidence now-a-days, I sure know I can. I personally think that confidence is the key to everything. I mean, how can anyone else believe in you, if you can’t believe in yourself, right?  So here are a few ways to boost your self-confidence.

  1. Write a list of 10 reasons as to why you are so great! Because lets be honest, you’re pretty amazing!
  2. Go for a walk on a sunny day, sunshine is good for the soul and everyone loves to look a little sunkissed.
  3. Have a Girl’s Night! Everyone has those girls that will boost your confidence just being around. You’re best friends make you believe you are the best you that anyone could ask for, so spend time with them and it should boost your mood right up
  4. Pamper yourself! Get a mani/pedi, do a facial, wash your hair! Idk what you do, but pamper yourself a little. It’ll make you feel and look good!
  5. Write a letter! I suggest writing the letter to your future self about what you hope to accomplish and how great everything is now and all the good things that are happening. You can even right to your past self about where you have come thanks to your past self.
  6. Start a self-expression journal! This could be full of art, doodles, cut outs, writing, etc. Just fill up with things that make you happy!
  7. Once you have your self-expression journal going, look at it. The things in their are supposed to make you happy, so why not let them.Sunkissed
  8. Smile! Smiling is proven to boost your confidence and mood. I have even tried it. Every time you feel down, just smile. Smile at yourself, at others, at the world, it is guaranteed to boost your mood and your confidence (especially because you have such a pretty smile).
  9. Go shopping! Trying on cute clothes that look great on you always boosts your confidence, especially when you try on something that is perfect for you. I understand not everyone loves to shop, but that boost of confidence when you find the perfect fit for you, boosts everyone’s confidence.This also goes with dressing for success. Because it always boosts your confidence if you look and feel amazing.
  10. Take goofy pics with your best friend! Goofy pics are ones for the books. They are the ones you can look back at and make you smile in an instance, not to mention your best friend. When you make goofy pics and laugh, it boosts your confidence to love yourself no matter what you look like, rather it be with your double chin or your tongue out. It also tends to boost your mood. Plus, everyone looks better when they are laughing.

Just know, I think you are all perfect and beautiful in your own way!


How do you boost your confidence on a bad day?

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