9 Must-Have Items for a Productive Semester


With the summer coming to an end, it’s time to think about our Fall semester that is approaching! I know, most of us are dreading going back to class and leaving our family, friends from home and of course, the beach! But without a doubt, once we’re back, we’ll be having a good time with all the people we have been missing for the past three months or so. When I go back, I am hoping to have a productive semester full of little stress and a lot of fun! I am taking probably one too many classes and am on the e-board of a couple clubs, so I hope to keep things organized and well, productive!

Anyway, here is my list!

  1. Reusable Coffee Cup | First, I love coffee. I drink at least one coffee a day and I don’t care, I just enjoy it! Second, my inner tree hunger hates throw out coffee cups. They’re a waste. Plus, you can get some super cute reusable ones and usually when you get them refilled at cafe’s they give you a little discount, so save that money.
  2. All The Notebooks | Notebooks are always needed. They have amazing ones everything that fit your personality. I like to carry one around everywhere! You never know when you need to write something down that that you will, and I repeat, you will, forget.
  3. Planner | This one, to me anyway, is obvious. I live, breath, planner. I need it to remember everything (like the notebook). If isn’t in my planner, then I most likely will not remember that it is happening!
  4. Laptop | every major wants a different kind of laptop. Most engineers need pcs and most designers need MacBooks. Personally I would never give up my MacBook. I also really want an iPad with a keyboard for traveling and taking to a coffee shop or something. Sometimes, your laptop just gets heavy and just seems extra.
  5. Colored Pens | Color coding makes everything easier, at least in my opinion. You just have to remember not to go over-board on the colors. You don’t need 20 colors, with four shades of blue and two types of pink. That is just not necessary. Keep it simple and organized.
  6. Backpack | I think everyone should have a backpack. It helps your back and you can carry so much, especially on the busy days where you don’t know when you’ll make it back to your room. A side bag is good when you have maybe one class and all you need is a notebook, but there days, a backpack is where it’s at.
  7. Tote | I like the Vera Bradley totes! I think these come in really handy during finals and on days when you don’t need a big backpack for everything. As I mentioned above, you won’t always need a side tote, but they do come in handy.
  8. Emergency kit | Its good to carry around. I have advil, tampons, eye drops and so much more in mine!

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