Summer 2016 Bucket List: July Update


Summer 2016 Bucket List Updated | Sunkissed

  1. Go to a real farmers market
  2. Buy flowers for my room
  3. Go to the beach once a week!
  4. Go to a baseball game (preferably Red Sox)
  5. Save over half my “paycheck”, every paycheck
  6. Try Surfing
  7. Paddleboarding?
  8. Kayaking
  9. Get a great tan
  10. Organize my room at home
  11. Sell clothes that I leave at home and don’t need
  12. College Dorm Shopping!
  13. Write an ultimate back to school shopping list!
  14. Attempt to get all my stuff together for classes
  15. Get back into the Photography Game (as I have started slacking)
  16. Fall in love with my internship with College Fashionista! #StyleGuruLove
  17. Shop Winter Sales in preparation (I mean I do live in New England)
  18. Have a beach BBQ
  19. Go for a beach drive (once a month) to Great Point (Nantucket things)!
  20. Have an amazing, red, white and blue, 4th of July
  21. Lobster dinner! I love and need lobster in my life!
  22. Have friends come visit me and show them all the wonderful things I get to experience!
  23. Craft for my new dorm room!
  24. Loose 10 pounds!
  25. Get my “basic closet” stocked and ready
  26. Make smoothies!
  27. Have a outdoor bbq type of party!
  28. Learn (and post) new summer recipes!
  29. Go for a walk through the Moores
  30. Have a beach party
  31. Stay positive and keep the good vibes flowing all summer! (Be Happy)
  32. Buy my first lily pulitzer anything!
  33. Start a bullet journal
  34. Try all types of flavored water, not just lemon (maybe write a post about it)
  35. Get my hair blonder (Sunkissed or highlights)
  36. Take a bajillion poloroid photos
  37. Go to the Her Campus conference in NYC in July
  38. Figure out my major
  39. Do research on Marketing and my classes
  40. Work on my Panhellenic Position and finish my Panhel summer to-do list
  41. Update my Blog, once I have access to the css files!
  42. Go biking (maybe out to Sconset) I’ve always wanted to do this one long bike path that I’ve been told is beautiful!
  43. Spend time with my family!
  44. Help my dad with the Veggie Garden
  45. Set up my planter section that I said I was going to do last year
  46. Plant my window boxes
  47. Make a scrapbook type of thing
  48. Organize my home desk!
  49. Read at least 4 books
  50. Family Ice Cream date!

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