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My Top Three Hair Care Products | Sunkissed

Hello, hello! It’s been a little bit since I did a beauty post so I thought I’d work on another one to share some of my secrets (and failures) that I come across in my beauty routine and well, life. Now, I understand that everyone has different skin, hair etc. I mean, we are all born to be unique and different, so why wouldn’t our beauty routines be different also, you know, more personal. So, here I am, to share my personal beauty routines, which I hope you can pull something out of! 

Now, my hair is different. My hair rarely gets extremely greasy and it tends to dry out (which is just weird to me). I think this is caused because I trained my hair by not washing it every day. I wash my hair about two to three times a week. When I do wash my hair, I put my hair oil in it (listed as number one) when I get out of the shower and dried it with a towel and then I blow dry it. My hair looks like a million bucks after. But, by the next day it tends to look a little dry again. So that’s when adding a little more oil (especially what I have listed as number three) really comes in handy. It gives it that extra little shine that it was missing and well, coconut oil (nothing more to say). My hair tends to get dirty by the third and you can just tell by looking at it, it’s not greasy or anything, just dirty. That’s when I wash it again.

Now, take a look at my favorite three hair care products and I hope they help you as much as they have helped me. (P.S. click the pictures to shop the product)

  1. Garnier Marvelous Hair Oil

This stuff hydrates your hair when you use it! I put it in my hair when it’s still wet and then I blow dry it and my hair feels magically soft every time. I also have an issue with dead ends and dry hair and this stuff has helped so much since I started using it!

2.Guardian Angel Hairspray by göt 2 be

This hair product is meant to protect your hair when you use a straight iron because lets be honest, we all use hair straighteners wayyyy more than our hair wants us to be using them. I have been using Guardian Angel for about two years and I can just see the difference between now and before.

3. OGX coconut oil

This hair spray makes your hair healthier the more you use it! I love coconut oil and now that it is in a spray form, just for my hair, makes my life so much better. This product is absolutely amazing, not to mention it smells incredible!



What hair care products do you recommend?

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