20 Ways to Treat Yourself for under $20

20 Ways to Treat Yourself for under $20

Happy Weekend! After a long hard week (for some of us, anyway), you deserve to treat yourself. I understand that we don’t always have the money to treat ourselves like we want to, I know that I’m usually balling on a budget, so I have curated a list of twenty ways to treat yourself so for under $20! I know that treat is well deserved, so go out and tribe yourself a little self-love and self care.  

  1. Buy a new lipstick (under $10)
  2. Go for a walk on the beach or your favorite park (free)
  3. Get a coffee and hang out in a coffee shop ($6.00)
  4. Buy a new book (About $12)
  5. Read your new (or old) book (free)
  6. Take photos outside in a new place! (free)
  7. Go for a drive with friends ($10 for gas)
  8. Go buy a yummy lunch such as your favorite sandwich ($10)
  9. Buy yourself a bottle of wine ($11 or so)
  10. Color in your adult coloring book (free)
  11. Go to a free class offered by your town (free)
  12. Try out a new recipe (check out some here)
  13. Buy yourself flowers (under $20)
  14. Lay out in your backyard and get a little sunkissed (free)
  15. Do a face mask or spa day! ($6.oo, check out one of my favorites, here)
  16. Go for a bike ride (free)
  17. Buy an ice cream ($8.00, especially if you want rainbow sprinkles)
  18. Go to the movies ($12.00)
  19. Find a “secret garden”! (free, I feel like my town can’t be the only one to have one)
  20. Spend time with a loved one (free, family and friends count)

I know you all work hard and deserve to treat yourselves every once in a while, and I know that we can’t always afford it, so I hope this helps. This list is my go to, I have It saved for when I need a little reminder that whenever I want to treat myself, I don’t need to go spend a ton of money. I suggest bookmarking so you can look back when you need It!

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